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Here are a few suggestions for talking about math with your kids.

            Elementary age:

·         Practice telling time by considering how long daily tasks take and showing your child the times on a clock

·         Count money.  Clean out the car & count the money scattered around.

·         Download a math app such as Mathemagica, Fluid arithmetic, Math workout, or Pick-a-path.  Play them with or against your child.

·         Bake cookies! (Or cook something) to show your child the different kitchen devices used to measure.  How many ¼ cups can fit into ½ cup?

Middle School age:

·         The above-listed math apps are great for older kids also.

·         Consider reading “The Number Devil”(I have copies if you’d like to borrow it) – a book explaining all sorts of math concepts in a fun, dream-scene way.

·         Show your child how to fill out a deposit slip at a bank.

·         Discuss how sales tax is calculated

·         Next time you eat out; have your child calculate the tip without a calculator. (Tax times three is approximately 20%)

·         If you're going on a trip, discuss how to calculate gas mileage and approximate how much gas you'll need for the trip and how much it will cost. 

High School age:

·         Encourage your child to work on their summer assignment throughout the summer and not wait until August. 

·         Look into colleges and careers. Make some college visits and discuss how much college costs and how to pay for it.

·         Discuss how to maintain a household.  How much does it cost to live on your own?  Help your child create a budget.

·         Investigate different careers and find the average salary for each. How much training and/or schooling is required? What is the job outlook?

·         How much does it cost to buy, maintain, and insure a car?


For all grade levels, please encourage your child to attend summer math fun at Quaker Heights on Mondays from 1-2pm!

Tess Rivero, NBCT


Class of 2013 – Travis Beavers

Wayne Local Schools would like to congratulate Travis Beavers; he has been selected as a Class of 2013 Success Story by the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Career-Technical Education.  Each winner will receive an ODE/CTC certificate indicating that they exemplify their respected career field.  As a top winner Travis will be showcased throughout 2013-14 in various networks within the Ohio Department of Education and the Office of Career-Technical Education.  Travis recently completed the Aviation program at the Warren County Career Center.  He was recognized with the Award of Distinction in his career technical program.  Travis was awarded the Sinclair Community College Tech Prep Scholarship and is a member of the National Technical Honor Society.  He also received the Waynesville High School “Outstanding WCCC Student Award.”  Best Wishes for continued success to Travis Beavers.


Congratulations to Ashley Tudela, third grade student in Mrs. Keeton’s homeroom!  Ashley is the daughter of Mark and Jenna Tudela.  Ashley scored first out of all Gr. 2-6 students in the Wayne Local School District.  She scored 25th in the state of Ohio for ALL grades, and she scored 2nd in the state of Ohio for Third Grade.  Ashley is shown here with Mrs. Keeton, her Mother, Jenna,  and program coordinator, Devin Thomas.

‘First in Math’ is supported and funded by Wayne Local School District.  While the emphasis is on the improvement of numerical fluency and mathematical skills, each activity is also designed to strengthen problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills. Modules parallel each other; completing Game 1 of any Skill Set unlocks a multitude of Bonus games geared to that skill level. The program features a Competition/Rankings component to provide motivation and sustain high activity levels. As students play, they earn virtual award "stickers" that accrue to their personal and classroom score.

Excellence is –

“Completing something I started with superior quality…”

“Doing what is right and believing in yourself…”

“A quality that everyone should strive for…”

The 2013 Senior Awards Program was recently held on May 16th.  Students were recognized for their excellence via awards and scholarships.  Mr. Gebhardt pointed out that we are always proud of our graduating classes but this one has been particularly outstanding.  Three young ladies embody the excellence found in the class of 2013.  (Jeanette Gourley, Madison Hartshorn, and Clara Young) each was awarded Girl Scout’s highest honor The Gold Star Award during their senior year.  Only 5% of eligible Girl Scouts successfully earn The Gold Award.  Winners of the Gold Star are seen as a role model and distinguished leader.  They must be able to master time management skills.  The ladies were challenged to create a vision of change by completing a rigorous community service project.  Each of their projects enhanced the nearby Caesar’s Creek Nature Center.  Its many visitors will be able to enjoy the community legacy left by these ladies.

When asked what “excellence” means to you; Jeanette Gourley said, “Excellence to me means completing something I started with superior quality.  I believe my Gold Award project shows excellence in leadership and execution.”  For Jeanette’s Gold Award she created an outdoor classroom and called it the “Golden Canopy.”  An area was cleared, mulched, benches were built, and signs were placed appropriately.  To educate visitors she made animal flip books containing information about animals native to Caesar’s Creek.  An open house was held that drew over 125 people to the Nature Center.  The feedback she received supported her project as a welcomed addition.  Jeanette plans to attend Miami University.  She enjoys swimming, tennis, skiing, National Honors Society, student council and SADD.



“Excellence” to Madison Hartshorn means, “Striving to be your best in not only school and sports, but also in everyday life.  Being excellent is doing what is right and believing in yourself even when times are tough.”  Madison renovated a children’s room in the Caesar Creek Nature Center for her Gold Award project.  The focus of the room was the life of a honey bee.  She included many displays and even a fully functioning indoor bee observation hive.  Madison’s plans to attend Ohio State University to major in biomedical engineering attend medical school and earn a PhD.  She has enjoyed soccer, swimming, track, running, and being a part of the REDO group at school.




Clare Young’s definition of “excellence” is, “A quality that everyone should strive for.  Even though I feel that there is a broad definition of excellence, it is being the best you can be.”  For Clare’s Gold Award she designed and built outdoor educational areas at the Caesar Creek Nature Center.  She created a pamphlet with games, information and websites.  Clare named her project “Discovery Central.”  It has brought lots of new visitors and attention to the Nature Center.  After graduation Clare will attend Ohio State University and major in neuroscience.  While in high school she has enjoyed the WHS Band, Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, art, and reading.

Science Fair

Including 4th grade students and all 5th grade students, our Elementary Science Fair was a huge success-great projects and presentations.  We had 153 students participate in the Science Fair this year. We had 106 Superior, 43 Excellent, and 4 Good.  We want to thank the following Judges for their time and expertise in evaluating our projects:  Doug Atkins, Mollie Bailey, Josh Beam, Lauren Beckett, Charnelle Bees, Beth Ann Blankenship, Pam Brooks, Brian Bunn, Lauren Bunn, Jim Byers, Police Chief Gary Copeland, Austin Corder, Elizabeth Evans, Jim Evans, Sean Falkowski, Sharon Farr, Lisa Greely, Ann Handle, Dave Johnson, Karen McGillivray, Dr. Dan Michaels, Tom Michner, Rick Muterspaw, Theresa Osborn, Holly Papanek, Mitch Peters, Tammy Peters, Taylor Peters, Tori Peters, Ellen Powers, Luke Romick, Dawn Schroeder, Amy Stephens, Julie Stone, Larry Stone, John Tonkin, Pam Watkins, Katy Wells, Eric Wilms, Scott Worthington, Mary Young, and Michelle Zebell.

We also want to thank teachers Cady Bunn and Denise Hartzell for coordinating this entire event-well done!

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The 2nd Grade classes performed their musical, “Hats!” to a packed house on Monday evening. They traveled to Quaker Heights on Wednesday.  They learned some very important lessons including that it’s not the hat that makes a person special, but what’s underneath

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The Waynesville Lady Spartans Basketball team will be holding a clinic for any girls  that would be interested in playing basketball on Monday, June 3, from 4:00 to 10:00.  The camp will be offered to all girls grades 3-7 ( current grade)
The camp will concentrate on shooting skills with videos for each girl, conditioning drills and defense.

We will have for and drinks available throughout the evening.
Cost is $50 per player and make checks payable to:  Waynesville Girls Basketball.

The Waynesville Police Department is investigating a complaint received this weekend (May 11, 2013) shortly after 9pm in regards to suspicious activity. A complaint was filed by three teenage boys about a vehicle with two male subjects believed to be in their twenties approaching them. They think the vehicle was a small white SUV and the incident took place at the corner of Preston and Old Stage. In addition, there has been a similar complaint about a subject in a white van taking photographs in the county. We are asking anyone with information about this case to contact us at 513-897-8010 or 513-695-2525 (weekends or after 4pm). If anyone sees any suspicious activity, please identify the vehicle license plates and contact us immediately. This is a serious situation and any assistance provided to our agency is greatly appreciated.
Chief Copeland

The boys youth clinic  will be divided up into 2 different days and age groups.  On Tuesday, June 4, the clinic will be from 1:00-3:00 for grades k-2 of the 2012-13 school year.  Pre-registration is highly encouraged in order to have the correct tshirt sizes for the participants.  The cost is $30 and each participant will receive a camp tshirt and camp basketball.  Registration at the door will start at 12:30.  On Wednesday, June 5, the clinic will be from 1:00-3:00 for grades 3-6 of the 2012-13 school year.   Pre-registration is highly encouraged in order to have the correct tshirt sizes for the participants.  The cost is $30 and each participant will receive a camp tshirt and camp basketball.  Registration at the door will start at 12:30.  Both clinics will focus on the skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense.  Each age group will be divided into smaller groups that will be instructed by a high school coach and a high school player. 

Click here to download form 

Copies of the clinic form should have been sent home with every boy in grades k-6.  Extra copies can be picked up at the Elementary and Middle School offices.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at tcook@wayne-local.com

In cooperation with Waynesville Police and Wayne Township Fire Department, Wayne Local Schools will be conducting a Code Red / Evacuation Drill on Monday, May 13th at approximately 9:00 am.  The drill will involve evacuating to the following locations by grade level:

K-2         Quaker Heights

3-5          United Methodist Church

6-12       First Baptist Church

Upon safely guiding the students to these locations, we will take attendance by homerooms to ensure that all students are accounted for.  This addition to our normal Code Red drill is an important facet of our overall safety plan for students in the event of an incident on campus.  The drill will last approximately one hour, and students should be back on campus in classrooms between 10:00 and 10:30. 

Students may want to wear appropriate shoes for walking on Monday. 

In case of inclement weather, the drill will be postponed until the Fall of 2013.  We appreciate your cooperation.  Please have your student arrive on time on Monday morning so that he/she can participate in this important drill.

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