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All new in the Middle/High School this year, we will be rolling out our new Specialty Bar this Wednesday with weekly offerings including; Chipotle Day, Italian Day, Pick 2 Day, and Loaded Baked Potato Day just to name a few.  Check out the new menu online and then come try it out!!  Price for lunch from the Specialty Bar is $3.25.


Ms. Powell will be instructing Digital Media Arts, Yearbook and College Essentials.  Before coming to Waynesville Ms. Powell taught at South-Western City Schools, Grove City, Ohio.  She also has instructed and lectured at The Ohio State University’s Department of Art.  She is a freelance artist and an accomplished photographer.  Ms. Powell has created a yearbook website and attended our first home football game.  The following link http://www.mightymightyyearbook.com captures the spirit and fun of Fall Friday Nights in Waynesville.


Welcome Ms. Powell to the Spartan Family.

Pat Dubbs

Wayne Local Schools
Superintendent’s Message
September 12, 2013

Wayne Local Schools has a continuing RENEWAL levy on the November 5th ballot to continue to fund the day-to-day operation of our schools.  The millage proposed in this RENEWAL is the current amount you will be assessed in 2014.  The dollar amount generated is $3.3 million and this amount represents ¼ of our general operations fund.  No New dollars are being asked for by this levy renewal.

This renewal is necessary to continue providing excellent education for the students of Wayne Local Schools.

Our schools have produced QUALITY results:

  • 9 consecutive years excellent or better on ODE grade cards
  • This year Wayne Local is in the top 8% in Ohio on the district performance index rankings released by the Ohio Department of Education.
  • U.S. News and World Report awarded Waynesville High School a national silver award; ranking WHS #53 of 892 high schools in Ohio.

Our district is ACCOUNTABLE to our stakeholders:

  • Wayne Local passed the existing levy on February 3, 2009; promising the community not to seek additional dollars.  The district has kept that promise.
  • Wayne Local continues to control costs
  • Starting in January of 2014 employees will use a high deductible health insurance plan provided by the district’s Board of Education to combat rising health care costs.
  • WLS spends 22.4% less than the state average for all school districts.  When compared to districts deemed similar by the Ohio Department of Education we spend 7.5% less.


  • On June 30, 2013, Gov. John Kasich signed a new budget bill.  Included in this bill was elimination of the 12.5 percent pick up of local property tax bills by the State of Ohio.  Under the “rollback” system the local owner pays 87.5 percent of local property tax bills.  The rollback was created in 1971 when the state income tax was established; the state agreed to pay the 12.5 percent of property tax bills in exchange for the additional sales tax.  In 2005, the rollback was eliminated on commercial property.  Under the current rollback program, the state pays the first 10 percent of the tax bill for all property owners plus 2.5 percent for owner-occupied homes.
  • It is important to understand that the state will continue to pay the 12.5 percent on all existing levies and theirRENEWALS but will no longer subsidize new levies.
  • The PERMANENT RENEWAL of our levy in November will permanently lock in the 12.5 percent savings by the local taxpayer.


  • To vote in the November 2013 election, you must be registered by October 7, 2013, and be 18 or older on or before Election Day, November 5th.
  •  If you have moved or changed your name , please make sure to update your voter information before October 7th.  You can do that online now through the Secretary of State: https://olvr.sos.state.oh.us/ovru/Modify.aspx
  • To update your Ohio voting address using the online system, you must supply all of the following information:
  • Ohio driver’s license or state identification number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number
    If you do not have any portion of the required information, click here to update your voting address using our paper form. Once you complete this form, you must sign and send it to your county board of elections.

    Note: You cannot use the “update online” function to change your name. In order to change your name use the “Click to Download Form” link below and submit it to your local board of elections


Pat Dubbs
Superintendent of Schools

2014 Senior Class

Important information regarding senior pictures.

There will be an organizational meeting for all parents and players who will be playing basketball this season.  The meeting will be held in the High School Gym at 7:30.  I f you cannot make the meeting please let me know by contacting me at my email address: tgabbard@wayne-local.com

ProgressBook  has been upgraded and your old password will not work.  We will be sending home information next week on how to login to the new system.  We apologize for this inconvenience as SWOCA made these changes for all districts in our area.   

Pat Dubbs

Wayne Local Schools
Superintendent’s Message
August 21, 2013

Welcome to the 2013-14 school year.  As we “kick-off” a new year, the continued focus of Wayne Local Schools is to provide excellence and equity in programs and services for all our students.  Visit our website often; it will continue to be a resource for relevant and timely information about the district and our individual schools.  Sign up for our weekly electronic newsletter – Good News Friday; you can receive it by completing requested information found on our websitewww.wayne-local.com .  CNotify is our mass message service; you will receive messages regarding emergencies, delays and school closure via a phone call, text message or email by subscribing to this free service on our website or athttp://www.wayne-local.com/content/cnotify .  You may need to update your information if you have changed phone numbers or email addresses.

Each year our professional and support staff receives professional training related to the field of teaching and social issues.  This school year our staff has become aware of bullying prevention, human trafficking and reporting public fraud if necessary to the Ohio State Auditor’s Office.  This fall marks the first school year that staff will receive awareness training on youth suicide prevention.  State lawmakers recently passed a law designating September 10th as “Ohio Suicide Prevention Day.”  School personnel will plan activities designed to encourage students to be there for a friend and to never keep a friends suicidal thoughts to themselves.  Students can always receive help and guidance from a parent, teacher, coach or other trusted adult to seek professional help.

This week Ohio’s New Local Report Cards will be released.  The old report card that used terms such as “Excellent” and “Continuous Improvement” to rate schools has been discontinued.  Our district and schools now get letter grades of A-F on nine (9) ways of measuring school success.  These nine (9) measures cannot and should not be averaged into a single grade for a school or district.  That will be phased in over time.  Over the next two years, the department of education will continue to add measurements.  Starting in August 2015, we will receive grades on 18 items in six categories.  We also will get an overall letter grade.  It is important to note that many of these measures are completely new; they will have to be investigated and analyzed in order to fully understand how they are calculated and what needs to occur in Waynesville in order to improve or maintain high marks.  We have no idea yet what our overall grade will be in two years; however right here and now teachers and support staff are always working to improve our teaching and your child’s learning.

Last year Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee directed elementary schools to identify which students in kindergarten through grade three are having trouble reading and give them extra help right away.  At the start of each school year a reading plan will be developed for each child who is behind.  There are special rules about the guarantee that can help children who are still learning English and children who have disabilities.  Read more about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee at education.ohio.gov or talk to your child’s teacher for more details.

Does your child dislike math?  I encourage you and your child’s teacher to work together to turn your child’s math performance around.  A can-do attitude and relationship between you and the teacher helps to send a positive message to your child.  In grades K-8 we are implementing a new math series.  Additionally, our math teachers are willing to spend extra time helping our students.  The best math tutor is the classroom teacher.  The teacher already knows your child’s strengths and weaknesses and a few minutes of one-on-one with your child can be very beneficial.  If you have forgotten some math skills over the years, a good strategy is to learn math with your child.  Khan Academy is an online collection of math videos that provide step by step math illustrations.  http://www.khanacademy.org .  Give the site a try.

This year, your child will be learning under new academic standards in math, English, science and social studies.  These standards contain higher goals for what your child needs to know in each grade.  You will notice areas of emphasis in your child’s learning under each of the new standards: 

First, the teacher will cover fewer topics within each subject but will cover each of those topics more thoroughly.

Second, there will be higher expectations for what kids learn.  The standards call for students to have a deeper understanding of the subjects they learn so they can use that understanding in everyday life.

Your teacher will encourage your child to think critically about what he or she is learning, be innovative, solve problems, and work together with others.  These are skills that your son or daughter can use both in and outside school.  They also are skills your child will need to be successful in college and 21st century jobs.

On behalf of Wayne Local Schools, the administration team, professional staff and support staff, I ask you to join us as partners in preparing your children for their future.  If we can be of assistance to you throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact us.



                                                                                    Pat Dubbs, Superintendent of Schools 

Mr. Brad Conner has been appointed to fill the recently vacated Board of Education seat of Donna Tweel.  Mr. Conner will be sworn in at the August 12, 2013 Board Meeting.
We would like to take this time to thank Donna Tweel for 10 years of service on our local board of education.  The community has been fortunate in deed to have someone with such a strong professional background give so much personal time and energy to the education of our young people.

Here are a few suggestions for talking about math with your kids.

            Elementary age:

·         Practice telling time by considering how long daily tasks take and showing your child the times on a clock

·         Count money.  Clean out the car & count the money scattered around.

·         Download a math app such as Mathemagica, Fluid arithmetic, Math workout, or Pick-a-path.  Play them with or against your child.

·         Bake cookies! (Or cook something) to show your child the different kitchen devices used to measure.  How many ¼ cups can fit into ½ cup?

Middle School age:

·         The above-listed math apps are great for older kids also.

·         Consider reading “The Number Devil”(I have copies if you’d like to borrow it) – a book explaining all sorts of math concepts in a fun, dream-scene way.

·         Show your child how to fill out a deposit slip at a bank.

·         Discuss how sales tax is calculated

·         Next time you eat out; have your child calculate the tip without a calculator. (Tax times three is approximately 20%)

·         If you're going on a trip, discuss how to calculate gas mileage and approximate how much gas you'll need for the trip and how much it will cost. 

High School age:

·         Encourage your child to work on their summer assignment throughout the summer and not wait until August. 

·         Look into colleges and careers. Make some college visits and discuss how much college costs and how to pay for it.

·         Discuss how to maintain a household.  How much does it cost to live on your own?  Help your child create a budget.

·         Investigate different careers and find the average salary for each. How much training and/or schooling is required? What is the job outlook?

·         How much does it cost to buy, maintain, and insure a car?


For all grade levels, please encourage your child to attend summer math fun at Quaker Heights on Mondays from 1-2pm!

Tess Rivero, NBCT


Class of 2013 – Travis Beavers

Wayne Local Schools would like to congratulate Travis Beavers; he has been selected as a Class of 2013 Success Story by the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Career-Technical Education.  Each winner will receive an ODE/CTC certificate indicating that they exemplify their respected career field.  As a top winner Travis will be showcased throughout 2013-14 in various networks within the Ohio Department of Education and the Office of Career-Technical Education.  Travis recently completed the Aviation program at the Warren County Career Center.  He was recognized with the Award of Distinction in his career technical program.  Travis was awarded the Sinclair Community College Tech Prep Scholarship and is a member of the National Technical Honor Society.  He also received the Waynesville High School “Outstanding WCCC Student Award.”  Best Wishes for continued success to Travis Beavers.

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