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Junior High School News

Junior High School News


Junior/Senior High Spartan Rewards

OCT 9, 2023
at12:00 am
This school year, the Jr./Sr. High is trying to make sure that our wonderful students are recognized for their Spartan pride, respect, responsibility, and kindness.  In doing so, teachers will recogni...
the daily grind

The Entrepreneurship class at Waynesville Sr. High is starting their own coffee shop, The Daily Grind. This business venture is teaching students how to create, market, and run a business. 
 We are as...

homecoming spirit week

Homecoming - Spirit Week 2023

SEP 21, 2023
at12:00 am

Student Council is incentivizing Spirit Week. Each day during 2nd period, please use this spreadsheet to note how many kids in your 2nd-period class dressed up. Donuts and juice will be awarded to the...

military appreciation

Military Appreciation Night 2023

SEP 11, 2023
at12:00 am

Thursday Night Lights/Military Appreciation Night

On Thursday, September 14th at 7PM the Varsity High School Football team will host Oakwood High School for the Thursday Night Lights game of the w...
september 11


In memory of the nearly 3,000 people who were killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, each year in the United States we observe Pa...

david fornshell

Important Message from the Superintendent

Last Monday, Warren County Prosecutor, David Fornshell, spoke to grades 7-12 for about 45 minutes on the topic of responsible use of social media and the pot...


Hands-On Learning 

The 7th Grade Gateway 1 students worked on a foot orthosis design challenge.  A foot orthosis is a foot brace and the students had to design it based on a criteria list. The goal w...

final forms

URGENT! DUE NOW: Complete Final Forms

AUG 29, 2023
at12:00 am


What is FINAL FORMS?   It is a data management system designed to streamline and simplify paperwork.  Wayne Local Schools have used Final Forms in pre...

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