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135th Annual WHS Alumni Reunion — Saturday, May 26, 2018

Posted on: May 14, 2018
stone marquee with a neon light message

135th Annual WHS Alumni Reunion — Saturday, May 26, 2018

The annual Alumni Reunion will be held in the high school gymnasium. When arriving, plan on entering at the high school entrance at the side of the buildings. Signs will be posted. Dinner will be served through several serving lines. Help will be available to those who need assistance in getting their meals.

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“Like” us and join more than 1,350 of your classmates who are posting their memories and reading others. Search for “Waynesville (Ohio) High School Alumni Association”

Does Your Class Have Its Own Facebook Page?
Please post details about Alumni on your class page and invite your classmates to attend. If you know that a large group of your classmates will be attending, please let us know and we can reserve seating for you so you can sit together.

For each of the past 26 years, the W.H.S. Alumni Association has awarded one or more scholarships to graduating seniors.  The scholarships are funded through interest earned on an endowment fund established by the WHS Alumni Association in 1993.  Thanks to your generosity, the Alumni Association has awarded fifty-five (55) $500 scholarships, and this year we will be able to offer three $500 scholarships. 

The endowment fund exists solely due to contributions received from you, the Alumni of Waynesville High School.  These scholarships are a way the Alumni can give something back to W.H.S. and help instill the Alumni tradition in new graduates.  If you are in the position to consider giving a scholarship fund donation of any amount you can include your donation with your Alumni reunion reservation or donate at the Alumni Dinner.  For more information, contact the WHS Alumni Association at

Welcome To Our Former Teachers:
Our retired Waynesville teachers are always invited to join us at the Alumni Reunion.  Many of you spent your entire careers in our school system.  You will have special seating, and we will recognize you during the program. 

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