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District-Wide Remote Learning

Posted on: January 2, 2021
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Original Post Date: December 15, 2020

The District will start on remote learning after the holiday break from January 5th through January 8th.  Face to face instruction will resume on January 11, 2021

The Wayne Local Board of Education supported the administration’s recommendation to go remote.  Since the Thanksgiving holiday, the District has experienced a high level of absenteeism due to community spread of COVID 19.  Our District joins a growing list of local districts taking similar steps as COVID-19 cases spike throughout the region.  

Transportation will continue to be provided for students in outside programs that remain open during our period of remote learning.  Food-to-go is also available during remote days for families that make a request through our Food Service Department.

Please see the Student and Parent Remote Learning Plan for pertinent information:  CLICK HERE



(All exams will be factored into the 2nd quarter grade.)


HIGH SCHOOL END OF COURSE (EOC) EXAMS:  Biology & Government (and those students who are re-testing) 

Due to the change in exam schedule, the students who were scheduled to take the EOC assessments with their classes will now be taking these tests after Winter Break.  Students who need to take these assessments will be receiving an email from Mrs. Snyder with the new information.  Students are to choose one testing session and communicate the choice through a Google Form located in the email or linked here

  •          Wednesday, Jan. 6 in MS Cafeteria:  NO TRANSPORTATION PROVIDED.
                                8 AM 
                               12 PM 
  •          Thursday, Jan. 7 in MS Cafeteria:  NO TRANSPORTATION PROVIDED.
                               8 AM 
                               12 PM 
  •          Friday, Jan. 8 in MS Cafeteria: TRANSPORTATION WILL BE PROVIDED.
                               8 AM  - may stay until 2:22 pm if busing is needed