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Exam Schedules for Mid-Terms (NOTE: High School Revisions)

Posted on: December 20, 2017
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REVISED:  Revised Midterm Schedule 2017



Middle School Exam Schedule 2017-18

Middle School Winter Exam schedule and Prep Tips

Exams you are taking Thursday:                     Exams you are taking on Friday:

-         1st period                                                        - 3rd period

-         2nd period                                                       - 5th period

-         4th period                                                       - 6th period

-         7th period


Tips to help you prepare for your exams!

  • GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED- Clean up your study area before you start.
  • BE PREPARED- Get all of your materials and supplies together.
  • STUDY YOUR WEAKEST SUBJECT FIRST- it will require more time.
  • DO THE REVIEW SHEEET- the review sheet is very close to the questions on the exam or create notes on the review sheet if it is not set up in question form.
  • MAKE UP YOUR OWN TEST QUESTIONS or FLASHCARDS- make up multiple choice questions of your own from the review sheet. 
  • REVIEW IN A GROUP-this is a great option if you can focus and not get off topic. Another person’s understanding may help you remember.
  • REVIEW REGULARLY- simply staring at the words won’t help. Review in sections at least three times.
  • ASK FOR HELP BEFORE THE TEST- clarify with your teachers any information you still don’t understand. You have to KNOW that you don’t know something BEFORE the exam which means you better have studied.
  • GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP- pulling an all-nighter will reduce your ability to concentrate. Plan ahead.
  • EAT WELL AND HEALTHY- Have a healthy breakfast before exams to keep you going.
  • TAKE BREAKS- a 10 minute break to re-energize will help immensely. (Run or exercise, play with your pet, shut your eyes, listen to music)