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Posted on: April 14, 2020
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We are all living in unprecedented times and the impact on our lives, personally, socially, and professionally, is significant. Wayne Local Schools is committed to a Waynesville Way approach to teaching and learning. Our Waynesville Way approach will allow us to be compassionate, responsive, and equitable to our students’ and families’ unique situations and circumstances.

Our approach to grading reflects the following principles:

EXPRESS CARE: While we adjust to a new remote learning experience, our focus is first and foremost on student learning and ensuring our students’ well-being. During this unprecedented time, students’ grades are secondary to student learning.

SHARE POWER: Strong relationships and open communication among our school teams, students, and families are essential elements for supporting students’ engagement in learning.

PROVIDE SUPPORT: Students and their families are having a wide range of experiences during this worldwide crisis. Recognizing the challenges they may be facing, and are out of their control, our grading policies must do no harm to any child.

Remote Learning and Grading Expectations:

● Students are expected to complete assignments with Remote Learning Experience and progress in their learning. Students will demonstrate engagement by logging into their remote courses and completing and submitting RLE assignments and activities, including graded learning components that allow them to demonstrate their understanding of the content. Students who need extra support should reach out to their teacher with questions, needs, and concerns.

● Students who complete assignments and are actively engaged in Remote Learning Experience will be “held harmless” for 4th quarter grades. Any graded assignment/activity during remote learning cannot harm a student’s 4th quarter grade for a course, i.e. cannot lower their grade from what they had at the beginning of remote learning (March 30, 2020). Graded RLE assignments/activities during remote learning can maintain or raise a student’s grade.

● Our school teams will make an effort to connect with students who are not engaging in remote learning. A teacher, in conjunction with the building team (administrators, counselors, and support educators where appropriate), will make every attempt to connect with the student and family to determine how to support the student in engaging in the RLE assignments/activities.

● Students who do not engage in Remote Learning Experience, or who do not show basic levels of understanding, will receive an “incomplete.” Our school teams will make every effort to support each student. If students are unable to engage in remote learning even with those supports from the school team, the school team will collaborate with students and/or family to determine future steps for the student’s learning. 

We have given significant thought to how 4th quarter grades will be calculated for our students. It is our belief that no student should be academically punished as a result of this extended closure. While some of our students may thrive and prefer this remote learning environment, others may struggle. To ensure this extended closure does not inadvertently punish any student, we have devised the following system which will be used to calculate 4th quarter grades.

  • If a student had a passing grade at the end of the 3rd quarter, that student cannot receive a failing grade for the 4th quarter.
  • Should a student perform well during 4th quarter/extended closure, they may earn a 4th quarter grade HIGHER than their earned 3rd quarter grade.
  • If a student does not engage at all in remote learning or has a grade below a 59.5 (from the 3rd quarter) - Student receives an incomplete and a plan to mitigate lost learning is put in place.
  • OHSAA Student-Athlete Eligibility - Schools throughout Ohio have not yet received official guidance from the OHSAA regarding how the eligibility for student athletes will be calculated for fall sports. As a member school of the OHSAA, we will follow the bylaws by OHSAA once they have been developed and published. Currently, athletic eligibility for the fall is still based on 4th quarter grades. At the local level, we will make every effort we can reasonably make to support the eligibility of our student athletes.
  • The final grade will be calculated based on all four quarters and semester one exam (if taken). Any quarter that has an incomplete grade will have an incomplete final grade and the student will be responsible for missing work before obtaining a final grade in that subject.

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