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Construction Update

Posted on: April 15, 2020

Below are a number of pictures taken over the last week.   Each photo is labeled, and there is a master overview image at the bottom of the page for reference, along with an old image to see how far we've come in just a few short months.   

1.  Image taken while standing in front of the high school entrance from the northeast corner. 

2.  Image taken from the back parking next to bus barn and looking west.  The larger wall will be the northern wall of the gymnasium.

3-4.  Images give a closer view of the gymasium wall.

5.  Image taken while standing in front of Central office and looking east.  The team was preparing for an addional slab pour for area B.

6.  Image taken from the bus barn parking lot as the team are also laying block for area C.

7.  Image of the laying block process, but also captures the silos that mix the mortar, which is used to bond the bricks together.

8.  Image captures the very back of area B as the teams works to begin the horizontal leap for that section of the building.

collage images of construction
collage images of construction
architect sketches
labeled areas of a construction site