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REVISED: First Stages of the New Construction to Include Parking Lot Designations

Posted on: August 17, 2018

REVISED:  8-17-2018

Because of upcoming construction on our school campus, there will be changes in parking for Middle School and High School students and parents. 

**All middle school and high students can be dropped off in the Middle School Parking Lot
At the park to the right of the Middle School

Parents can drop their students off at either location.   We would like to encourage all parents to make a right on Dayton Road when you exit either parking lot so traffic will flow smoother and faster.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 

All High School student drivers will park at the Middle School.  There will be no student parking in front of the High School and NO student drop off in front of the High School.   Those spots will be reserved for staff only as well as bus pickup/drop-off. 

parking lot image with yellow arrows

There will be two handicapped spaces in front of the Middle School along with several visitor parking spaces.  The visitor parking spaces is for 15 minutes only to drop off something for your child or very brief visit to the office.  Parking is also available in the park. 

ms parking 3