New Construction



Project Phases and Current Schedule:

  • Construction of new transportation facility starting December 2018; completed in summer of 2019 along with demolition of old bus facility;
  • PK-6 Building – Schematic design, design development and construction documents during 2018/19 school year;
  • Bidding of PK-6 building – Summer 2019;
  • Construction of PK-6 building – Starting Fall of 2019 with construction throughout the 2019/20 and 2020/21 school years;
  • New PK-6 building open and occupied by students and staff beginning 2021/22 school year;
  • Fine Arts/Community Center is the last phase of the project to begin after completion of new PK-6 and demolition of old elementary site during 2021/22 school year. 

Zoning and Building Permits:

The Village of Waynesville and their civil engineers, Choice One Engineering, worked closely with our architect, LWC Inc., and our civil engineers, Burkhardt Engineers and Surveyors, to review all plans for the new transportation facility in preparation for approval by the Village of Waynesville’s Planning Commission.  An affirmative vote by the planning commission resulted in the issuance of a zoning permit and subsequent building permit by Warren County. 

Thank you to the Village’s Administrative Staff and Council as well as the members of the Village Planning Commission for their support:  Joette Dedden, Kimberley Kaan, Connie Miller, Andrew Downing, Mike Logan, Travis Hatmaker, and Chad Bridgman.

At the county level, we are appreciative of our county commissioners and their staff for waiving the water and sewer tap-in fee; the support of Commissioners Tom Grossman, Shannon Jones and David Young has saved the school district $19,280 in tap fees.

Project Bidding:

Seyferth Building Company of Cleves, Ohio was awarded the contract to build the new transportation facility from a group of eight (8) bidders.  In addition to the transportation facility, we also accepted three (3) of five (5) advertised alternate bid packages which include: pavement top course and striping; light poles and light system, and electronic bus access control system.  All three alternatives enhance and cohere with the transportation facilities and the overall master plan.  Our master plan incorporates new parking and improved traffic flow.  

Boring Soil Samples:

Previously we conducted boring soil samples for areas of the new transportation facility.  That same process is currently happening for the footprint area of the new PK-6 building.  The geotechnical report from the soil samples will confirm that the area is conducive for our proposed standing structure, vehicle parking, traffic, and green space. 

Traffic Study:

This week traffic patterns, including vehicle and pedestrian, were observed and recorded as part of a traffic study.  We will incorporate this data into the development of the PK-6 building plan and related phases of our project. 

K-6 Building Design:

Our POR (Program of Requirements) has been submitted and reviewed by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.  We are currently working with LWC and Megen Construction on the schematic phase with a first round of cost estimates to be completed this week.  We are committed to maintaining our budget at each design phase of the new elementary.  The first cost estimate will reveal if our current design is feasible with our budget of both local and state dollars.   

Construction Pictures:

#1  Temporary fencing has been constructed to secure the new transportation area.  In the background is the Seyferth Construction trailer that is used to coordinate the new bus facility. 

temporary fencing around a construction zone

#2  Dirt from the hillside behind the baseball field fence has been removed and construction of the retaining wall is commencing.  This wall will allow driveway access to the gravel parking area behind the new transportation facility.  It will also add additional parking for the softball and youth diamonds/field area.  Additionally, all the light poles for the baseball field are being secured. 

retaining wall preparation

#3.  Dirt from transportation project to be relocated for the elementary building as well as piles of gravel associated with construction.  Bundles of wall blocks have also been delivered for the retaining wall.

piles of gravel

#4  Bundles of wall blocks have been delivered for the retaining wall

stacks of bricks

#5  Truck rig drill preparing to do soil borings associated with the new elementary building

truck and buses

#6  Soil relocated for use during elementary building construction

pile of dirt

#7  Surveyed locations for soil boring of the elementary ‘s footprint         

spray paint on gravel