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New Construction

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Welcome back to the 2018/19 school year! It has been a very busy summer for our construction project.  Each year the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) revises the Ohio School Design Manual (OSDM) with valuable input from the design and construction community, school districts, and state agencies.  The result is a dynamic document committed to high quality school facilities that maintain flexibility and local control.  Working with our design and construction partners, we’ve worked to understand the OSDM and its summary of 2018 updates and program requirements.  In July, we brought together staff representatives to go through initial feedback on the program of requirements found in the OSDM.  Every program area in a school facility was reviewed to determine type, numbers, and square feet all driven by the projected number of students.  The goal of this first step goal is to have all needed program requirements incorporated into early design and not be over the state’s total allotted square footage for the building. 

Our goal is to have the POR (Program of Requirements) phase submitted to the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission for a first review by the end of August.  Next, our architect and engineers will enter into schematic design.  In this step, our architect and engineers determine project requirements and goals.  Study drawings will illustrate the basic concepts of design. 

We also went on field trips this summer to four recently constructed buildings in Fairfield, Huber Heights and Milford.  Walking these buildings and talking to the staff and administration of these school districts was extremely valuable to understand design strengths, weaknesses, and functionality. 

Our architect met with Jamie Morley from the Village of Waynesville to provide a preliminary package of our new transportation maintenance facility in order to meet village zoning requirements.  In anticipation of construction and outsiders associated with the project on our campus, we changed the campus parking.  Student drivers were moved to the front of the middle school.  The number one reason is to create separation between our students and construction.  The traffic was not perfect on the first day of school but we made some adjustments and arrival for the middle/high school this week has improved.  Our master plan incorporates new parking and traffic flow into it.  Construction on a campus like ours will have many challenges over the next three to four years; patience and cooperation will make each transitioning period successful. 

In July, the district and OFCC held an Eco-Charrette in order to identify focal areas of energy and environmental design.  OFCC requires that all of their projects be certified silver or higher.  Our goal is to be silver certified related to energy and indoor/outdoor environment; creating a healthier, more productive and energy efficient place for our students and staff to learn, work and play.

Also this summer we conducted boring soil samples for the area of the new bus maintenance facility.  The geotechnical report from the boring soil samples reveal the soil area for the actual bus maintenance facility is conducive for the proposed standing structure and the areas the district has “reclaimed” over the years using fill dirt will be appropriate for vehicle parking, traffic and green space. 

Project Schedule as of August 2018:

  • Construction of new bus maintenance facility and demo of old bus facility during 2018/19 school year;
  • PK-6 Building - Schematic design; design development and construction documents during 2018/19 school year;
  • Bidding for PK-6 Building – Summer 2019;
  • Construction of PK-6 - Starting Fall of 2019; construction throughout the 2019/20 and 2020/21 school years;
  • New PK-6 building open and occupied by students and staff beginning 2021/22 school year;
  • Fine Arts/Community Center is the last phase of the project after completion of new PK-6 and demolition of old building site; begin construction during 2021/22 school year.



The Wayne Local School community came together starting in January 2017 to closely assess our current facilities.  This allowed us to incorporate free assistance from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission to develop a master facilities plan with our aging elementary school as the primary focus.  The plan was developed around the preference that our school buildings remain on the current Waynesville campus.  The location and layout of our current campus presents design challenges. 

With the assistance of a Dayton-based architectural firm, LWC Incorporated, conceptual designs were produced to address current facility issues and the uniqueness of our school campus.  Conceptual designs led to cost estimates and a 4.68 mills bond issue being placed on the November 7, 2017 ballot.  The bond issue passed by a narrow margin forcing an automatic recount.  This pushed our official results out a bit but still allowed us to be approved in January 2018 by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) and lock in 21% state funding on the educational elements of our project from State of Ohio.  This funding allows Wayne Local taxpayers who have contributed more than their fair share to Columbus over the years to see some of that money come directly back to our community.

So, when do we start building?  That is a common question being asked.  Before we can start turning any dirt, there are many behind the scene actions we have started to take:

  • Immediately after the bond issue results were certified, Chief Financial Officer Ron James, Superintendent Pat Dubbs, and the Board of Education analyzed the funding of this project closely.  The original ballot language called for 37 years to pay off the bonds.  Taking quick advantage of interest rates and the market allowed the school district to immediately restructure the payback from 37 years to 30 years.  This is a significant savings to our taxpayers. 
  • Ron James and Pat Dubbs along with Fifth Third Securities made a bond ratings presentation to Moody’s Investors Service.  Moody’s rate public entities on the basis of assessed risk and the borrower’s ability to make interest payments.  Its ratings are closely watched by investors.  Moody’s ratings go from AAA, which is the highest grade for a top quality issuer, down to a C rating given to securities that likely cannot repay the principal.  On February 21, 2018, Moody’s Investors Service upgraded Wayne Local School District’s general obligation unlimited tax rating to Aa2 from Aa3.  The rating increase to Aa2 is a big accomplishment; it reflects the district’s growing tax base located within commuting distance from Cincinnati and Dayton.  It also incorporates moderate population growth and solid resident incomes.  More so the rating incorporates the district’s very strong financial position characterized by a long trend of balanced operations and reserves.  An improved tax rating also saves our taxpayers. 
  • The Aa2 rating was applied to two (2) sets of bonds issued by the school district - $9.5 million and $16.1 million as Classroom Facilities Unlimited Tax General Obligation Bonds.  These bonds were issued for the purpose of paying the local share of school construction under the State of Ohio Classroom Facilities Assistance Program, including new construction, improvements, renovations, and other additions to school facilities. 
  • Pat Dubbs went to Fifth Third’s headquarters in Cincinnati to represent and observe the selling of the first $9.5 million of bonds.  Backed by our Aa2 rating, investors actively pursued and purchased the bonds. 
  • The second set of bonds ($16.1 million) were also actively pursued and purchased by buyers. 
  • The school district and OFCC jointly put out a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to architect/engineer firms for our project.  An evaluation process short-listed potential firms: 
  1. LWC. Inc. – Dayton, Ohio
  2. BSHM Architects – Columbus, Ohio
  3. Elevar Design Group – Cincinnati, Ohio

A pre-interview meeting was held with all three firms to clarify the project and scope of services.  Funding and estimated budget, along with an anticipated schedule, were shared.  Each firm was given the evaluation criteria for selection and given the opportunity to ask clarifying questions of Wayne Local School District and OFCC.   On March 15, 2018, all three firms were interviewed to select the top firm to provide professional design services.  OFCC rules establish that the selection is a qualification based process followed by a negotiation of all appropriate fees for the project.  OFCC and Wayne Local School District both voted at the end of the interview process.  On March 16, 2018, LWC Inc, was awarded as the architect/engineer company.  LWC had previously served as our “pre-bond” architect and consultant.

LWC has a long history of working with Heapy Engineering, also of Dayton, OH; Heapy has an engineering portfolio that includes PK-12, higher education, health care, commercial and governmental projects.  They will provide mechanical, electrical and technology design, along with LEED and energy services. 

  • Next, the district worked with OFCC to short-list three firms from the OFCC’s list of pre-qualified commissioning agent firms.  Commissioning is an independent process above and beyond services rendered by the architect, engineer and contracting companies.  Commissioning is a verification of quality work.  It is not simply an inspection; it is a means and method for the district to reduce construction problems and ensure the building works properly from day one of occupancy.  This process starts as a pre-review of engineering design and then throughout the entire project.  The performance of building systems including roof and masonry are validated and documented by the commissioning agent. 

In early April, the district and OFCC interviewed:

  1. Four Seasons Environmental Inc. of Monroe, Ohio
  2. Motz Consulting Engineers of Cincinnati, Ohio
  3. Stan and Associates, Inc. of Dayton, OH

Motz Consulting was awarded the commissioning contract on April 16, 2018.  Motz teams with highly regarded Mays Consulting Services of Delaware, Ohio for roof consultation and observation, exterior wall consultation and certified infrared building envelope services. 

  • With our design and review teams in place, the district has begun the process of developing a detailed design and construction schedule. 
  • In May, the District, LWC and OFCC established phase plans


Phase 1 of our project will focus on construction of the new transportation garage and demolition of the old garage.

Phase 2 will be design and construction of the PK-6 school.

Phase 3 will be abatement and demolition of the old elementary along with campus site entrance improvements. 

Phase 4 will be establishing the 1999 building (current elementary office and media center) as a stand-alone building; detached from the demolished old elementary school.

Phase 5 will be design and construction of the Performing Arts/Community Center where the 1915 building currently stands. 

  • In June, the district and LWC has scheduled services for site topography and soil borings.
  • This summer we plan to solidify the exact location of the transportation garage and begin expansion of our parking areas.  We will also change some traffic flow patterns before school resumes in order to prepare the site for construction traffic and relocation of transportation. 
  • Construction of the new transportation garage should begin in September/October 2018.  This puts us on pace to demo the old garage in April 2018 to open the area where the new PK-6 school will sit.
  • We recently put down fresh gravel to improve the construction entrance coming off of State Route 73 and the lower parking lot used for baseball and softball parking.  When construction begins, that parking area will also be used for worker parking and as a construction staging area. 
  • A lot of behind the scenes work has been accomplished to this point with a tremendous amount of work still in our future.  When we return for the 2018/19 school year; we begin PK-6 school design processes.  These processes will gather input from stakeholders on what a new elementary will feel and look like. 


It’s an exciting time for Wayne Local Schools!