Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Policy

Stand up against bullying

The Wayne Local School Board in accordance to House Bill 276, has approved The Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Policy which specifically prohibits bullying of or by any student or employee, with consequences identified for those acts that meet the definition of bullying as defined in the policy:

The policy sets forth guidelines for the identification and reporting of bullying - as the overall goal of the initiative is the protection of students and their increased feelings of safety and belonging. The policy requires teachers and staff to utilize a variety of prevention and intervention activities and includes tools and resources that create environments of safety and respect and expectations of appropriate behavior.

TEC with an apple outline and a blue quote box


Wayne Local Schools is expanding its services with The Education Connection (TEC) to include a Safety/Bully Tip Line.  When you witness verbal, written, physical, or electronic abuse, speak up!  If students hear or see suspicious behavior from another student, they should not ignore it.  We encourage all students to report any concerns about another student or the safety and security of Wayne Local School District. 

Anyone can report anonymously a bullying/safety issue by calling the TEC tip line at (513) 855-4350 option 7 or by going online at   The tip line will also allow you to choose an incident number so that you can receive an update on the status or provide new information for this incident and still remain anonymous. 

The information will be immediately forwarded to the proper authority.  All reports are taken very seriously. 

There are posters displayed in all buildings with tip line information to remind students to always adopt the mindset of “if you see something or know something, say something.” 

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Officer Shannon Mermann

School Resource Officer