Our fourth grade students spent the majority of the second quarter reading the novel Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. This is a story about a young boy who finds an abused dog and is determined to save him. The students loved the book and are eager to read the remaining three novels in the series.

After finishing the novel, the students got an opportunity to watch the movie. We compared the similarities and differences and created reviews of each. The students loved the movie, almost as much as the book! After watching the movie, we explored the Shiloh blog on Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s website.

Students created questions they wanted to ask the author and we posted our questions to the blog. We returned from winter break to find that the author had replied to our questions! The students were filled with joy as they read her reply.

Brittany Walker

4th Grade ELA teacher



Mrs. Voelker’s Kindergarten Class!

December was a busy month in Kindergarten. We have been in school for 82 days now and kindergarteners have learned a lot! We are continuing to learn many letters, sounds, numbers, word families, and “Word List” words. Thus far, your child has learned the letters: Mm, Ss, Tt, Cc, Pp, Nn, Ff, and the vowel Aa. This month, students have learned to “Flip the Sound” from the short sound to the “long-strong” sound or the long vowel sound, and use the “Fish and Tail” strategy when getting stuck on an unknown word. We have learned 8 Hunk and Chunks: -ing, sh-, ch-, th-, ee, -ay, or & wh. We have started to sound out CVC words and nonsense words. We sing/dance the Phonics Dance each day. Ask your child to sing and do the movements to this dance and name an object that matches each of these sounds. Please keep reviewing the Word List including color and number words. Students should be able to read all 15 “Word List” words from the orange Communication Folder. If your child knows those words, move onto the 27 challenge words. If they master the list for December, start practicing the words for January! I encourage parents to work each night with their child to support what they are learning at school. To help your child with writing fluency, have them practice spelling the sight words.  

In math, we are almost finished with Chapter 6 on teen numbers. Students should be able to read and write all the numbers 0-20. If they master this task, please have them practice counting to 100 and writing numbers correctly past 20. In January, we will begin Chapter 7 on shapes.  

In Writing Intervention for extended day students, we have been creating wish lists for Santa. We use these lists to draft letters to Santa and illustrate pictures matching the words. The letters will be sent home so parents can mail them to Santa at the North Pole before Christmas!

Finally, we have been very busy completing 2nd Quarter Assessments. This information will go home January 11th on report cards. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress on their report card, please contact the Kindergarten Team ASAP to schedule a conference. Conferences are scheduled 4-7pm on Thursday, February 21st.    

Have a wonderful Christmas break!

Your Partner in Education,

Darcey Voelker

grade 3

Third Grade

December is always busy, but in third grade it is extra busy.    The students worked very hard to prepare for their music program.    The students performed on December 11 for a packed audience and then went to Quaker Heights and sang their songs for the residents there.   The students also enjoyed making Christmas cards and handing them out to the audience there.

We have also been busy in the academic world.   We have just completed a week of reading various Native American Legends.   The students gained insight and respect for the Native American culture and their history in our country.      They wrote very passionate opinion paragraphs about the role of the American Government in the Trail of Tears.

To lighten the mood  and as a fun endeavor we are finishing  up December with reading Freckle Juice.   This is a Judy Blume classic that has been around a long time.  Although it has lots of silliness we spent a lot of time in discussion about accepting our differences and not trying to change to fit in.

Many students have entered in a One of a Kind contest through Storyworks, Jr.  a student magazine that we read in class.   The students read a story about Talin who had a stuttering problem and a group that he joined that helped him work through it.   The students wrote about a time they felt different and how they overcame it or about a time they helped someone else in a similar situation.

 Merry Christmas from the third grade!

 Mrs. Heidi Berardinis

"We're SMALL enough to really know our students.  That gives them BIG opportunities."

guid counselor


For the 2018-2019 school year, our preschool through second grade students are being introduced to the 40 Developmental Assets. These assets are considered building blocks of development that help children grow up healthy, responsible, and resilient. So far, students have learned about the External Assets. Each month we discuss the assets that make up a Big Idea, add a motion to our chant, make a real world connection through a story, and reinforce the Big Idea by adding a badge to our Shield of Resiliency. I am often greeted in the hallway with chants of “Support! Empowerment! Boundaries & Expectations! Constructive Use of Time!”   It’s such an amazing experience working with your children!

Mrs. Bees