Mrs. Swank’s Super Tips for Third and Fourth Grade!

With the holiday season upon us, please remember to encourage and help motivate your child to continue their learning at home! Have your child work on basic math facts and/or read nightly. Working on basic addition, subtraction, and/or multiplication facts will increase their ability to be successful in the classroom. This skill set will provide them more time and energy needed to solve more complex problems. Reading nightly helps your child increase their fluency or rate of reading ability. The more fluently your child can read the better their comprehension is. The goal is to have less time spent on figuring out unknown words and more time spent on absorbing, understanding, and enjoying what is being read. Working just a little bit each night tremendously increases your child’s ability to be successful in the classroom setting!


Ashten Swank



Author Michele Jakubowski

On November 19, Waynesville Elementary will be hosting author, Michele Jakubowski. Raised in a Chicago suburb, Mrs. Jakubowski has the teachers in her life to thank for her love of reading and writing. While writing has always been a passion for her, she believes it is the books she has read throughout the years, and the teachers who assigned them, that have made her the storyteller she is today. Mrs. Jakubowski lives in Powell, Ohio, with her husband, John, and their children, Jack and Mia.

Mrs. Jakubowski will talk about her four book series: Sidney & Sydney, Perfectly Poppy, Ashley Small and Ashlee Tall, The Sleuths of Somerville and her Choose Your Own Adventure book as well as the writing and publishing process.

Students were given a book order form this week. All order forms must be returned by October 31, 2019.   All checks should be made out to Waynesville Elementary School. *No Cash. It is important to return the order form before the deadline to insure your child gets the title they want, and an autographed copy.

The B.A.T.S (Bringing Authors to Schools) committee plans these visits, and would like to thank the following organizations for sponsoring this visit: Mary L Cook Library, Wayne Local Board of Education, and The Waynesville PTO.

For more information about Michele, please visit her website

Mrs. Lora Schafer

Rainbow Reading Teacher

B.A.T.S Committee Member



4th Grade Math

Our fabulous 4th graders have been diligently working and learning about the standard algorithm of multiplication and division of large numbers. They have also learned to find all factor pairs for a whole number in the range of 1-100 and to recognize that a whole number is a multiple of each of its factors. Using their understanding of factors, students are able to identify prime and composite numbers.

Our next topic is to gain an understanding of equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, reducing fractions to simplest form, adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators, and also an understanding of improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Throughout the lessons, students learn to apply the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in multistep “real-world” story problems. Various strategies such as drawing a picture or diagram, using manipulatives, finding patterns, making a list, and using logical reasoning are applied to solve problems, even if some of our “real-world” situations are humorous!

Every week, the 4th grade students take a two and a half minute timed multiplication test. They have been practicing these basic multiplication facts since the beginning of the school year, and it has been wonderful to see them monitor their progress and to see their confidence grow in many areas of math because they know these facts. The following students are the speediest of all in the grade level achieving the “Platinum Level” by completing 100+ facts:

Johanna Adams, Hudson Back, Madison Bell, Annie Blank, Avery Blank, Ella Buchanan, Lauren Fessler, Chase Graham, Arjun Hakim, Jacie Johnson, Ali Larsen, Gregory Marlow, Maggie Martini, Brooke Patterson, Brooke Regoli, Nathan Satterfield, Molly Stevens, Lyla Szeliga, and Gavin Zacharias

Congratulations to all students! Keep up the great work!

Sherria Rasey

4th grade


It’s hard to believe that the first quarter is over and Thanksgiving is coming so quickly. This year in fourth grade is flying by! The students are really growing and absorbing new concepts and topics like sponges. I can’t wait to see how far they will go this year. 

In Ohio History we have been talking about Ohio’s Native American population, from Paleo people who came to the Ohio region via a land bridge that connected Asia and North America after the ice age to the Hopewell and Fort Ancient peoples who settled close to Waynesville and built the ceremonial park we have close to us. Students are amazed that these people relied totally on their natural resources to survive and didn’t have Target and McDonalds to go to. 

This week we finished a research project about the most recent Native Americans to live in Ohio. Students were put into groups by tribe, then given a topic to research about their Native American group. Students took notes and created a Google Slide show to present to the class. They can show you at home all the great work they have done by logging into their school account. 

Students are also reviewing the concept of compare and contrast as we look at how Ohio’s native people were alike and different; from the types of homes they lived in to the way they interacted with each other. In the next few weeks we will be discussing the topics of cooperation and conflict, and looking at many examples of how Ohio’s Native Americans cooperated and also had conflicts with other native cultural groups and the Europeans that entered the Ohio territory.

Celebrate Ohio’s rich history!

Michelle Holland