phys ed

Welcome back to Elementary Physical Education.  The year has started out with some hot temperatures which has made us alter some plans for our elementary activities early on.  The students have been reminded of the rules we have in gym class and that the safety of each student is highly important during every activity.   Help us to remind your student that the proper shoes are important for their gym day.  The students have participated in PinGuard which is an activity where we have two teams, 10-15 bowling pins, and dodgeballs.  This activity hits some state requirements for PE with throwing, positioning and understanding the game, as well as teamwork.  Students have also participated in Hockey which also meets the state standard of "striking an object", teamwork, and following game/safety rules.  The students have started using jump ropes for warmups, as well working on pushup form and situps properly.  Next week, assuming the temperatures drop out of the 90s, the students will do the pretest of the Pacer test.  The Pacer test is an endurance running test, provided by the state through FitnessGram, in which we test again later in the school year to see if the student has improved his/her score and maybe even jumped up into another fitness zone. We are looking forward to partnering with the YMCA and our 4th graders, as they start a swimming program that will consist of 5 visits to the YMCA to help with water safety, awareness, lessons, and different strokes to learn for more advanced  swimmers.  Good luck to all FALL athletes!  

 Mr. Cook 

2nd grade

Second Grade News from the kids in Ms. Richards’ class

We have really been working hard.

Our math units have included study of plane shapes and geometric solids. We learned that solids have faces, vertices, and edges. We created shape monsters using some of these shapes. What creative fun!

We are also practicing our math facts and graphing our results to compare our data. This unit has been fun and will end with some tasty graphing. SKITTLES may be involved!

We’ve been reading about dogs. First we read a fictional story titled HENRY AND MUDGE and then a non-fiction article titled DOGS. We are learning to analyze the text. We are comparing characters and their feelings. We are thinking about and defining the author’s purpose. We are searching for supporting details to answer essential questions, and we are using text evidence to answer those questions. We are also learning that genre refers to the different types of writing. We are beginning to understand the differences between fiction and non-fiction and what to expect in each. We are starting to formulate our own opinions about the text, and search for facts about a topic. We like to make predictions about future events and see if our predictions are correct. Wow! We’ve learned a lot already. We are beginning to grow with reading. Keep reading with us mom and dad!

We also take brain breaks and we get to have a “Granny’s Wacky prize” if we are focused learners. We like our brain breaks because they support our learning and allow us to move while we’re doing it. We also like our Granny’s wacky prizes. Taking responsibility for our learning and being peaceful, productive students makes us feel proud. Being a PAX classroom means we take ownership for how we learn and grow in our classroom and in our school. It also helps us become better citizens.

That’s it for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this. We hope you have a better understanding of what our second grade classroom looks like.

Ms. Richards

fifth grade

Fifth Grade Math

Our Fifth Graders are off to a great start in math! We are working through our first unit over place value with decimals. Students are writing numbers with decimals in standard, word, and expanded forms. This past week, students have been comparing and ordering numbers to the thousandths place, rounding decimal numbers to specific place values, and adding and subtracting decimals. Next week, students will be taking their first unit test on Friday. A study guide will go home to be completed as practice for this test, instead of the regular weekly homework. Fifth graders will spend most of the year in math working with decimals and fractions. We will also be working on two and three step story problems within every unit, so we will spend a lot of time developing strategies for reading and analyzing story problems, and checking to see if our answers make sense.   

Students will continue to have their own math IXL accounts this year. This is an excellent tool for extra skill practice at home, and for studying for a quiz or test. Students are able to select the skill they want to practice, and IXL will quiz them until mastery, adding screenshots of tips and solutions if students make mistakes. Please let me know if you do not have your child’s ixl account information.  I have set up a text group for fifth grade math based on a program called Remind, and have sent a text message at the beginning of each week, the past three weeks. I will continue to do this throughout the year. If you are not receiving them and would like to, please send a text to the number 81010, with the message @scottmath5. This is one way for you to know what homework assignments and/or upcoming tests to expect for your child each week. In addition, please continue checking progress book to track your student’s grades, for homework answer keys, and just to see what we’re learning about each week.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah Scott


BIG SHOUT OUT to the following third graders for participating in the “Summer math Challenge from second to third grade” over the summer and returned their progress.

Mrs. Keeton and Mrs. Huber are so proud of you!

Brenna Bates, Jayce Becker, Macey Benton, Maci Boling, Karsten Clark, Eli Fields, Zach Fields, Tony Garafolo, Malaina Garrett, Nixon Graves, MJ Hershner, Reagan Jacobs, Josie Jones, Jett Manley, Ethan Mast, Brianna Phillips, Sophie Pitts, Kelsey Roberts, Ellie Rowe, Owen Shively, Ellie Siska, and Aubrey Stubbs.


4th grade

This year, our fourth grade students are focusing on being kind! They have learned about random acts of kindness and how doing one kind thing can cause a ripple effect that can make a big difference in the world! Our students even have weekly ELA homework this year where they have to complete at least one random act of kindness each week. 


This week we kicked off our random acts of kindness initiative by helping tornado victims. All of the fourth grade students learned about the tornadoes that hit the Miami Valley on Memorial Day.  We learned that the Northridge school district asked the community to send letters of encouragement to their students. Northridge would like each of their students to receive a letter to read on their first day of school. Every one of our fourth grade students at Waynesville Elementary wrote a letter. By doing this, we know that at least 120 students at Northridge will have a letter to open on their first day back to school on September 23. 


Our fourth graders want everyone to know that the Waynesville Spartans care about the Northridge Polar Bears! 


Brittany Walker

4th Grade ELA Teacher