Our third graders are working hard to master many math standards this school year!  We are currently making picture and bar graphs and using the data to solve problems. Students have come up with their own question to survey their classmates and then used the data to construct tally, picture, and bar graphs. The following information has been gained from some of our surveys this week.   Their favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-A, the favorite college football team is Ohio State, and their favorite college quarterback is Justin Fields.   Their favorite food is pizza, and their favorite pizza place is B& B. Dog is their favorite pet and a fish is their least. Fractions will be our next unit of study.

Students are gaining strategies for solving real-life story problems (one and two step) and gaining fluency with their basic facts.  

The following students who have been working extra hard to master their math facts.

Everett Strong, Daltan Taylor, Eli Fields, Sophia Pitts, Hayley Valladares, Andrew Vandegrift, Sam Powell, Braxton Doench, Charlotte Fry, Tony Garafolo, Jackson Osborn, Sam Feldhaus, Kelsey Roberts, Dylan Potter, Hunter Hackett, Jett Manley, Gehrig Randolph, Wyatt Raymond, Alice Kolaczkowski, Phoenix Back, Jacob Biscardi, Charlotte Duncan, Crew Miller, Riley Sandy have passed their addition facts within 3 seconds:

Subtraction Facts within 3 seconds: Chase Kazmierski, Owen Shively, Daltan Taylor, Kayla Cover, Hayley Valladares, Eli Fields, Everett Strong, Braxton Doench, Kelsey Roberts, Aeridan Foley, Jacob Hanshaw, Hudson Fink, Jacob Biscardi, Phoenix Back, Alice Kolaczkowski have passed their subtraction Facts within 3 seconds.

Luke McKamey, Bennet Post, Chase Kzamierski, Jacob Hanshaw, Sam Landoll, Jacob Biscardi have passed their ultiplication facts within 3 seconds.

Luke McKamey, Bennet Post, Sam Landoll have passed their division facts within 3 seconds.

Congratulations for all of your hard work!

Reminder to parents that all math tests are given on the computer and have questions that mimic the AIR test that they will be taking in the spring. Students have access to the tests that they take by signing in as their child through their Google Classroom and they are in Edulastic. Although tests are online, students are still required to show their work on notebook paper., and are two helpful sites students can use to practice their math at home: (students have log ins for both)

If you are interested in what your child is expected to know on the AIR Math assessment, the following website can be used. Just choose 3rd grade math. There is a practice test as well as released questions from past tests.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Stacy Keeton



It is already third quarter! We can’t believe it! Before break the students were working on Money. We reviewed the coins and their values, practiced adding and subtracting dollars and cents, and practiced making change. This came in handy with their Gingerbread Houses that they made right before break. They had to use their skills with money to figure out how much each of their items for their houses cost. Then they had to add all of their items up to make sure they had enough money to build their gingerbread houses. The students had a lot of fun with this! Currently we are working on our unit of Measurement and after that we will go into Geometry/Shapes. 

It is important that students practice their math facts nightly. Our one minute timed fluency sheet is assigned each Monday and is due on Friday of each week. We are continuing with Multiplication Fluency. 

We have also been busy working and practicing writing really good paragraphs. We are using the stories that the students are reading throughout the week in their Reading/Language Arts classes. The students are using those stories to write paragraph responses. 

Please encourage your child to turn in their homework assignments on time each week. 

Mrs. Sara Huber

3rd Grade Math and Writing

busy bees

Mrs. Bowersox’s Busy Bees – Young Fives

January 2020 

Report card were sent home a week ago.   Please return the report card envelope. If you have any questions, please contact me. 

In math, we are reviewing our numbers 0-10 with a focus being on number formation. Our next math concept will be solid shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, and cone) in math. We will talk about the 2-dimensional shapes in each solid shape. We will test each solid shape to see if they roll, slide, or stack. In language arts, they are learning the letter Rr. We learn one letter each week. Our focus is on letter identification, letter formation, and letter sound. 

We will be reading Jan Brett books soon. We will focus on the books The Mitten and The Hat. After reading the stories we will focus on retelling each story by completing different retelling activities each day. We will are looking forward to Groundhog’s day and the 100th day of school. During the 100th day of school, our math lesson be focused on the 100th day of school with several fun, hands-on activities. 

We are starting to learn some sight words. We will learn one word per week. Please practice these words with your child at home. Write them on index cards (one word per card). Play games with the words. Write them in shaving cream, sand, sugar, etc. The word we have currently learned is: I. Our next word will be: go. 

We are in need of classroom volunteers. If you are fingerprinted and available to help I would greatly appreciate it. Even if you can come in for an hour! 

Please remember to send in a healthy snack that is nut free with your child each day. 

Your child may bring a pop top water bottle to school or even a cup with some type of pop top or sippy cup for snack time. Please do not send in water bottles with a screw lid because they easily get spilled and oh the mess they make! The kids are young and accidents happen easily in here.

Thank You,

Mrs. Bowersox


Good News from Elementary Physical Education- After returning back from a restful Christmas break, the students have started activities such as Smashing Pumpkins (I know we got to this activity a little late) where the students are still working on throwing accuracy and working together as a team.  Classes have also started Badminton unit.  Here we are teaching the basic eye hand coordination while striking the birdie either underhand or overhand. Some students are more advanced than others so some students then participate in games with other students.  Within the next few weeks the students will participate in hockey, bowling, kickball, pinguard, and the last chance to improve on their pacer test scores before a top scores list will be put together for each grade level and school wide.   

Todd Cook 



Our fourth grade students spent the majority of the second quarter reading the novel Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. This is a story about a young boy who finds an abused dog and is determined to save him. The students loved the book and are eager to read the remaining three novels in the series.


After finishing the novel, the students got an opportunity to watch the movie. We compared the similarities and differences and created reviews of each. The students loved the movie, almost as much as the book! After watching the movie, we explored the Shiloh blog on Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s website.


Students created questions they wanted to ask the author and we posted our questions to the blog. We are anxiously waiting for her to reply!


Brittany Walker

4th Grade ELA teacher