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The Education Connection (TEC)

The Education Connection (TEC) is Wayne Local’s notification system used to contact students and school staff quickly and effectively by phone and/or email.  You can receive notifications regarding School Closings, Delays, or other Special Events/Circumstances.  Your phone numbers will automatically populate based on student information in our database.  


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Remind Accounts

What Is Remind and Why Is It Safe?

Remind is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps teachers/club moderators/other school staff share important updates and reminders with students and parents. Subscribe by text, email or using the Remind app. All personal information is kept private. Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you see theirs. 


HS Parents & Student 'Class Information' Remind Accounts...

PARENTS of Freshman Class - text:  @grade2026p to 81010
STUDENTS Freshman Class - text: @grade2026 to 81010 

PARENTS of Sophomore Class- text: @grade2025p to 81010
STUDENTS Sophomore Class- text: @grade2025s to 81010(Note: "s" on the end)

PARENTS of Junior Class- text: @grade2024p to 81010
STUDENTS Junior Class- text: @grade2024 to 81010

PARENTS of Senior Class- text: @grade2023p to 81010
STUDENTS Senior Class-text @grade2023 to 81010


Career Google Classroom


2023 – bz7ju3s

2024 - nydwej5

2025 – g4jbrb2

2026- y4jhz4l

2027- cjxdmtl

2028- axmon6z


High School Student Remind Accounts...

ACT Prep @g6a9h9
Algebra 1 (Ashley Deters) @adete
Algebra 1 (Ben Johnson) @bc9ec97
Algebra 2 (Theresa Johnson) @alg2spar
Algebra 2 (Ben Johnson) @eh42bbg
Algebra 3 @alg3-2022
American Government @gaakfb6
American History @WHSAMHIST
Anatomy Per. 6 @e46479
Anatomy Per. 8 @aef27629
AP Biology @k92bd2
AP Chemistry @apchemwhs
AP European History @4acbkc
AP Government @ffdag7
AP Language @9fb789
AP Literature @3ed88d
AP US History @ca2ka3
AP Studio Art @aplamb22
Art 1 @gd26b2
Art 3D @3dlamb22
Biology 2 2020 @ahhfba
Biology I @jcurlis
CCP Lab and off campus students @ashink
Chemistry 1 @chemwhs
Class of 2022 @grade2022
Class of 2023 @grade2023
Class of 2024 @grade2024
Class of 2025 @grade2025s
Community Service Opportunities @servewhs
Computer Science/IT @jorsmithit
Current Events @whsce18
Engineering - Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) @kbha79
Engineering - Gateway to Engineering @c3ebd34
Engineering - Principles of Engineering (POE) @6c4kd4
Engineering - Advanced Design & Robotics (ADR) @78cbaa
Engineering - Aerospace Engineering (AE) @k3kba2
Engineering - Digital Electronics (DE) @6cak266
ELA 9 Barnett @ela9barn
English 10 @82b274
English 11 @cpeng11
Honors English 11 @polzin
English 12 @gglclsrm
Integrated English @8h6g97c
AP LANGUAGE @ggclssrm
French 1 @mrspardon
French 2 @mmepardon
​French 3 @chezpardon
HS PE @24773f
Fitness @72fgcd
Foreign Language Club @whsforlang
Geometry @geo22spar
Graphic Design 1 @dc76b97
Health @k36ke3
Hershner (parents) @fdbb663
Hershner (students) @room11remi
Honors Geometry @hgeo2022
Honors Biology 2 (Sem 1) @7akc7hf
Honors Biology 2 (Sem 2) @9a6bgk7
Honors Algebra 2 @halg2spar
​Honors Biology 1 @3dc687g
Honors Chemistry 1 @hchemwhs
Honors English 10 @2f72ag
Honors English 11 @polzin
Honors Spanish II @2h-hola
Honors Spanish III @hablo3h
Honors Spanish IV and V @hablo4y5
HS Basketball Pep Band @lschlema
HS Concert Band @cgahab
HS Jazz Band @69dgfh
HS Spartan Marching Band @lschleman
HS Steel Drum Band @hsspar
Inspiration @4inspire
Intervention Support, Cantu 21-22 @342hef
Intervention Support, Kindred 21-22 @44bfb6
Marine Biology @d6947e
Physical Science 5/6 Fall 2020 @93cc2b
Physical Science 7/8 Fall 2020 @92d839
Physics 2020 @8b7gfd
Pre Calculus @precalspar
PreAlgebra @preal-2022
Psychology @whspsych19
AP Calculus @8g43c77
AP Statistics @8g43c77
Honors PreCalculus @8g43c77
Spanish I @hola-1
Spanish II @2-hola
Spanish III @hablamos3
Spanish III Honors   @hablo3h
Spanish IV and V @hablo4y5
Sports history @4447dfk
Student Council (all members) @StucoMbrs
Supportive Peers @a6af7
WCCC Students info from WHS @wcccwhs1
World History (Ashley deters) @adete
Writing Center @mrspolzi
Yearbook @ag9938
Transitions & Careers @TCRogers
College & Career Readiness @CCRRogers
Experiential Learning @kbff73

Junior High Accounts...

Intervention Specialist-7th Gr. @giles7th
7th Grade Team (Bricker, Giles, Hale, Hines, Lukasavage, Shephard) @wville7th
Family Consumer Science - Careers 7 @wvillefcs7
Phys. Ed. - 4th Period Hill 8 @wvillepe4
Mixed Media Art @h7dke4
8th Grade Team (Smith, Maloney, York, Harvey, Krumholtz, Mckay) @8teamwms
Mrs. Baker's Class @cbaker7-8

Elementary School Classroom Accounts...

Teacher Grade Remind Code    
Beach Pre-K Seesaw (each student has own code)    
Hanna Pre-K Seesaw (each student has own code)    
Bowersox K    
Durham K @9c72246    
Franz K @f86292 AM @aef2fg PM  
James K    
Voelker K @3c69gh    
Beckett 1 @ff9bbc    
Janusik/McKee 1    
Muterspaw 1 Class Dojo    
Shaffer 1 Class Dojo    
Turner 1 Remind code @7gK42k4    
Becker 2 Class Dojo    
Huber 2 Class Dojo    
Richards 2 Class Dojo    
Smith 2 Class Dojo    
Berardinis 3    
Keeton 3 HOMEROOM @d3ea47d PEND math @h83ac7  
Pendergraff 3 HOMEROOM:@pendergra KEETON ELA: @9cfg78  
Steinman 3    
McKee 4 @ghkg8k8    
Peelle 4 Class Dojo    
Wolf 4 Class DoJo    
Bunn 5 @mrscbunn    
Gray 5 @grayela2    
Lipiniski 5 @almath5    
Scott 5 @scottmath5    
Snell   @SnellELA    
Bradley 6 @cae63f2    
Dysert 6 @dysertela    
McCarthy 6 @9f9aga    
Rasey 6 @rasey6    
Stiles 6 @513897    
Kerns 2346 @39h2f4c    
Pittman 4 @4dhhha    


ART Sharing Hill's    
Cook PE Sharing Hill's    
Hartzell COMPUTERS Sharing Hill's    
Hill MUSIC 6th gr - b87d84 5th gr - c3f7e9 4th gr - hehgak