Waynesville High School

College Planning Resources:  Grades 9 through 12

There are specific things you can do during each year of high school to plan and prepare for college. Use this college planning checklist to keep track  of  your progress and important application deadlines.  Click year below to see list.

Academic PreparationParent Resources      

Transcript Request

Alumni Graduates contact Sharon Vogel at the High School office: 513-897-2776 or EMAIL

Current seniors should go to the Waynesville High School office and complete an entry on the College Clip Board with the College Name, City/ State and Date. The Transcript will be mailed out.

Colleges only take an OFFICIAL transcript therefore It must be sent from the high school.  If you have questions about this process please email Abby Shinkle at EMAIL

Seniors also have the option of setting up an account on the Common Application  https://www.commonapp.org/  to apply to colleges. If you choose this option, please invite Abby Shinkle as Guidance Counselor - using the email:ashinkle@wayne-local.com

The Common Application offers students the ability to complete one application and essay and send it to multiple member schools, as opposed to having to complete each individual college's application. Furthermore, The Common Application can be done online, which helps students stay organized.


The high school transcript includes:

  • All courses taken with only the final grade listed and credit earned
  • Senior schedule 
  • GPA and Class Rank
  • OGT Scores
  • Unoffical ACT /SAT scores (Official scores need to be sent directly from www.act.org or from www.collegeboard.org for a cost).
  • Attendance record

Recommendation Request Procedure

Supply anyone you want to write a recommendation with your resume that includes your career goal, work experience, community service, honors and awards,  and extra curricular activities.

Give teachers at least 2 weeks to write your  recommendations. Also give them a self addressed stamped envelope to where you would like it mailed. Teachers should mail it directly to the college.  

You should ask teachers or adults who know you best. If you are going in to engineering, nursing, medicine, and such,  you should ask a math teacher and a science teacher to assess your skills in the recommendation.  English intense careers should include a recommendation from an English teacher.

No recommendation should be from a family member.

On the common application I always suggest you waive your right to view the recommendations others write for you.  It shows you have confidence in the recommendation being written and that a positive assessment will result.

If you don't waive your right it may look like you are worried that the recommendation may say something you won't like.   Simply ask the teacher or adult to PLEASE provide you a copy for your records. Don't forget to WRITE a thank you NOTE to them. Writing recommendations is time consuming and it is something that should be appreciated and NOT expected.

College Visits

Please use the "Request to Visit a College Form" and the "College Visit Checklist" below when planning your college visits. If you are currently on  the LEGAL LIST for attendance be sure to speak with the high school office.

College Visit Request Form
College Visit Checklist
Virtual College Tours

Financial Aid & the FAFSA

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Federal Student Aid is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. These programs provide grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school. 

Ohio Higher Education

Financial Aid &  Scholarships Websites
www.fafsa.ed.gov  U.S. Dept. of Education FAFSA introduction
www.fastweb.com  Search for scholarships
www.finaid.org  Guide to financial aid
www.hsf.net    Hispanic scholarship fund
www.icanaffordcollege.com   I can afford college
www.nslds.ed.gov National student loan data system
www.salliemae.com Plan, find student  loans, apply online
www.scholarships.com Scholarship search engine 
www.simpletuition.com  Search and compare  student loans
www.studentaid.ed.gov   Free info from the U.S. Department of Education                          

College Planning Websites

College Entrance Exams
www.actstudent.org ACT registration, scores, test dates and college planning                                 www.collegeboard.com SAT registration, scores, test prep and college planning 

Prepare for College 
www.makingitcount.com How to succeed in college 
www.mappingyourfuture.org Mapping your future 

Choose a College 
www.myroad.collegeboard.com College and career planning 
www.usnews.com/usnews/edu... Ranking of America's best colleges 

The Future - Getting an Early Start on Careers and College

Explore Your Career Options - An interactive website from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics
The Princeton Review - Great test preparation and practice resources.
Find the Right College for you - Learn about which colleges are similar to your interests and your strengths
Explore College Degrees Online
Data Science Programs