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Accountant - Do you know what an accountant does? This week's career exploration post explores a career in accounting. Check out this video to learn more.  Click here
Brand Manager - Curious what a Brand Manager does? This week's career exploration post highlights a fascinating role in today's global economy! Click here 
Construction -  Learn more about the dedicated, hard-working men and women instrumental in the development of our infrastructure.  Click here

Chemical Engineer - This week we're exploring careers in chemical engineering! Watch this video to hear advice about chemistry-related careers! Click here

Manufacturing -  Watch this video to learn more.

Paramedics are licensed health professionals who provide pre-hospital advanced life support. Click here to see a day in the life of this profession.

Plumber and Pipefitter-  We're dedicated to connecting students to careers of all types! Check out this video to learn more about careers in pipefitting and plumbing. Click here

Robotics  -  This video has leading robotic experts discussing the importance of National Robotics Week and STEM education. Click here  

Software Developing -  This video features one developer who wants to improve other's lives.  Click here  


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Dayton Metro Library Career Connections Camp - Join us for Career Adventures Camp all week! Join in at noon every day to explore the coolest careers in the Miami Valley! Click here to learn more! Click Here

Summer Camp Opportunities

2020 Career Adventure Camp Application