Waynesville High School

High School Student Council

Advisor:  Kelly Miller

Google Classroom

Year at a Glance:

  • Goggle Sales - held on Back to School Night and, as needed throughout the year
  • November - Veterans Day Program
  • Blood Drives – TBD
  • December  - canned food drive
  • February/March - sweet treat fundraiser
  • April - elections for the coming year
  • May  - Teacher Appreciation Week

Meeting dates:   April 5th, May 3rd

Senior Scholarship Application Due:  April 28th, 2023

Volunteer hours due:  before elections if re-running for next school year


2023-2024 BLOOD DRIVES:


Blood Drive Form

National Honor Society (NHS)

Advisors:  Mike Arlinghaus, Amy Hershner, Chi Lampman;  NHS@wayne-local.com


2022-2023 NHS Officers:

  • President:  Elizabeth McKeehan
  • Vice-President:  Megan Rieger
  • Treasurer:  David Weaver
  • Secretary:  Nolan Todd
  • Historian:  Alyza Camp

Society, students must exhibit Character, Service, Leadership and Academic abilities. Students are required to have an unweighted GPA of 3.6 or higher and volunteer a minimum of 40 service hours in order to apply for membership.  Application packets will be delivered to qualifying students with an unweighted GPA of 3.6 or higher.

Current members must maintain an unweighted GPA of 3.6 or higher, volunteer a minimum of 30 hours each school year, and attend chapter meetings.


Update:  Application

  • Packets will be delivered to qualifying students in October 2022
  • Ask your teachers ahead of time if they are willing and have the time to complete and evaluation for you. DO NOT JUST HAND THEM A PACKET!  Make sure you have attached copies of your resume, essay, and community service activities to your evaluating teachers.
  • Prepare this application packet and give completed forms to Mrs. Lampman by TBD
  • Provide your evaluating forms to three high school teachers by TBD
  • Teachers must return forms to Mrs. Lampman by TBD
  • Outside letters to be sent in to Mrs. Lampman by TBD
  • Candidates will be notified of their acceptance by TBD
  • Inductions will be TBD in the high school gym. 

Waynesville High School Writing Center

Advisor:  Ms. Angela Polzinetti, apolzinetti@wayne-local.com


Mission Statement:

It is our job to help fellow students focus, organize, develop, and revise all kinds of writing. Our role is to question and redirect while leaving control of the paper in the hands of the student-writer.

Students may come for a conference at any stage of the writing process. Allow yourself at least a day to address any suggestions or questions before your paper is due, however.

Location:  Tutoring Center, upstairs in the high school wing

Availability of Tutors:  Tutors will be available during an assigned class period. A list will be posted. 

If you make arrangements, tutors can meet with you outside of school if their schedule allows.

What to Bring:

  • Your assignment sheet or prompt
  • The rubric (if separate)
  • Your drafts, notes, and/or pre-writing
  • A teacher form (if you need one signed)
  • A Chrome book and/or paper and pen
  • Your questions or list of things to address
  • An open mind

Writing Center Tutors Second Semester 2023

Period 5:  
Period 6:  
Period 7:  
Period 8:  E



WHS Theatre

Drama Director: David Coffey


WHS Thespian Society

Advisor: David Coffey

Foreign Language Club

Advisors - Elizabeth Pardon , Maria Syvertsen , Karen Horvath

Twitter Link:  @madame_pardon

Google Classroom


Quiz Team - TBD

Advisor - 

classroom.google.com - code is blk3vb4


Marine Biology

Advisor —Patrick Hardin

Students going on the marine biology trip have an opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime.  Far away from the tourist attractions of Nassau, we spend our time on the Andros Island in the Bahamas.  This unique experience is a chance for students to explore, discover and learn about coral reefs, Bahamian history, Bahamian culture and coastal ecosystems.  Students snorkel daily identifying fish, corals and other animals.



Advisor:  Kristen Elton
Twitter: @WHS_yearbook22 
Yearbook is a yearlong course in which WHS students work together to create and publish the high school yearbook. Students are in charge of producing all of the content required to record the current year's yearbook. Our yearbook is created by our students in an online design program provided by Herff Jones. Their tasks include layout design, original artwork, photography, journalism, attending many school events for coverage, team collaboration, editing and interview skills. Our students produce close to 150 pages of full color content each year and always have a goal of representing each student in the student body throughout the yearbook. If you are interested in being apart of your school's history, please email Mrs. Elton! 

Art Club & National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

Advisor:  Bethany Lamb
Instagram: @wls_art_showcase
Remind: @wayneaclub

Art club provides a place to create art as well as take field trips to museums to see art in person and to use our art as a form of connecting to our community through philanthropy. Come let your creativity flow after school where you will have access to materials and resources to make your vision come to life. We encourage student to come who want to work on projects from their art classes, personal projects, collaborative art projects or even if you just want to explore different mediums. 

For those interested in National Art Honors Society you can participate in art community service and run for officer. 


  • Empty Bowls Sale
  • Second Saturday Street Fair
  • Cincinnati museum visit
  • Queen City Clay Ceramics Trip

International Art & Language 

Advisors: Bethany LambElizabeth Pardon 

Traveling is the best way to practice your language skills and where better to see incredible artwork and experience culture than Europe! From Paris to Rome we will walk the streets of European history and learn about the artists and architects who invested in these beautiful cities. Students will learn to paint from art masters and use their French & Spanish to order lunch! Trip is on alternating years during spring break. 



Advisor:  Ryan Hill

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), known at Waynesville as the SHIELD (Students Helping In Everyday Life Decisions), is a group of student leaders dedicated to providing avenues for making good choices. Students in the SHIELD lead projects both school and community based. We are especially active during homecoming, Red Ribbon Week, and Prom but have many other initiatives throughout the school year.

Other Clubs and Organizations

Senior Class Advisor - Sharon Vogel

Junior Class Advisor - Jen Royalty and Jamie Manley

Fall Play Director– 

Spring Musical Director—