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WHS will be holding an informational CCP meeting for parents and students on February 13, 2020 from  6:00-7:00 pm in the WHS SPARTAN ROOM. For more information and eligibility requirements please go to: Sinclair and review the school handbook and student brochure.  Wayne Local Schools is very proud to have partnered with Sinclair Community College and will be working together to offer the best opportunities for our students. A representative from Sinclair Community College will be in attendance at this meeting. This meeting is Mandatory* 


WLS CCP - Informational Handout

Steps to Get Started - SCC CCP

CCP and Athletics

April 1

Deadline for students to submit to school the Student Letter of Intent to Participate in College Credit Plus form
CLICK HERE to access the Letter of Intent

NOTE –ALL WHS students need to complete this form annually. (this includes students already in the program from 2018-19) 

May 1
Deadline for Sinclair’s CCP Application for Summer / Fall Semester:  

CLICK HERE for student application steps  

NOTE -- If you have students who are continuing at Sinclair as a CCP student, they will NOT need to reapply.  Sinclair will provide you with a report of all current students for you to verify participation by March 1.  

Additional information about CCP can be found at: 


FAQs for Parents and Students

Key Information for Students & Families