Waynesville High School

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Waynesville High School partners with area businesses in a way that allows experiential, hands-on learning as part of the high school program.  Students are paired with these businesses in a way that allows hands-on learning in their field of interest, while still attending high school.  Through this program, students can engage active/situational learning, which enhances the state expections of the standards subjects of math, science, language arts, and history.  The end result is a diploma with job experience behind it, and increased employability for our graduates.   


Mrs. Katie Rogers
Family & Consumer Sciences
Experiential Learning Co-Coordinator
Waynesville High School

Thank you to our partners for these opportunities to help our students develop and grow with your support of our Experiential Learning Program at Waynesville High School. 

If you are interested in partnering with WHS in the Experiential Learning Program, please contact krogers@wayne-local.com

Informational Flyer on the Experiential Learning Program

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girl talking to a room full of students

Guest Speaker Emery Siders

Senior Emery Siders speaks to Freshman in Transitions & Careers about her experiences at Warren County Career Center. Emery is enrolled in the Vet Tech program, and plans to attend Morehead State and earn her degree in Veterinarian Science. Emery takes AP and CCP classes, and loves her experience at the Career Center. 

For more information on the Warren County Career Center, please send EMAIL.

four men on a porch

High Point Construction

High School Prinicpal, Sam Ison, took Experiential Learning students (l to R) Adam Wilkerson, Tanner Fannin, & Kolton Frankenberg on a tour of High Point Construction. Principal Ison's former student, Mike Williams, started the company and has created home successful home building company in the Cincinnati area. All three seniors are interested in construction and architecture.

Thank you so much Principal Ison & Mike Williams!

boy on a lawn mower

D&D Lawn Pros

Senior Alex Dyer is interested in pursuing business and entrepreneurship.  He plans to attend Sinclair College to start his business degree in the Fall 2020. Within this program Alex is working directly with lawn care professionals, and gaining hands on experience within digital media and web page design to promote the business. 

girl in front of a blue sign

Orion Physical Therapy

Senior Megan Handle is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. She is currently shadowing a physical therapist at this location three times a week.  Within our program Megan is exposed to aspects of physical therapy, a field she is interested in as a future career. Megan is also hoping to have other job shadowing experiences next semester within the medical field.


two men in a doctor office

Byer's Chiropractic 

Senior Derek Miller is interested in chiropractic studies when he graduates this Spring. Within our program Derek is gaining first-hand experience with Dr. Byers. He learns the day in and day out of running a private practice, as well as the techniques and medical practices of being a chiropractor. 

boy on a pontoon boat

Taylor's South Shore Marine

Senior Hunter Fillmore is interested in marine technology. Within our program Hunter will be getting hands-on, experience-based learning, that teaches field skills and a conceptual understanding and responsibilities for owning, operating marine watercraft. 

girl and a man behind a desk

Waynesville Athletic Department

Senior Ashley Beach is interested in journalism and athletic administration. Within our program Ashley has been working creating athletic schedules, publications, and social media posts as well as working side by side with Ryan Hill on various other duties.

girl in a home decor store

Cobblestone Home Interiors & Gifts

Senior Victoria Wheeland is interested in the program of Interior Design and hopes to be part of the DAP Program at the University of Cincinnati next Fall. Within our program Victoria is gaining first-hand experience while working with Mindy Andrews on carrying out projects within the store such as enhancing the space for new items with special attention to detail and creativity as well as working with customers.

two women in front of decorative wall wings

Waynesville Middle School 

Senior Emma Philpot is interested in journalism and administration. Within our program Emma has been creating school newsletters, publications, and social media posts as well as working side by side with Karyn Phillips, as her mentor, on other various administration duties.

two girls standing in front of a sign

Bartleigh Janes Salon

Senior Gracie Van Schaik is interested in attending Cosmetology school in the Fall of 2020. Within this program Gracie will be getting hands-on, experience-based learning with owner Leigh McCarty, that teaches field skills and a conceptual understanding and responsibilities for owning, operating and practicing as a cosmetologist.

girl wearing scrubs

Dr. Coleman, DDS, General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Senior Joey Bowman is interested in the Dentistry field, and within this program she will be getting hands-on, experience-based curriculum, that teaches skills and a conceptual understanding and responsibilities of  being in the dentistry field.

boy in a kitchen that's under construction

Ellis Custom Homes

Senior Tanner Fannin is interested in pursuing Architecture and Construction and within this program, he gets hands-on experience that teaches him concepts in the industry.  

People standing in front of a building

Caesar Creek State Park 

Senior Adam Wilkerson is interested in attending Hocking College in the Fall of 2020.  Within this program, Adam will be getting hands-on, experience-based curriculum, that teaches field skills and a conceptual understanding and responsibilities for protecting woodlands and conservatories.