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*Please check back often for updated documents pertaining to the current graduating class.


Graduation Guide 2021

Download Graduation Timeline 2021

Download Senior Bulletin - 2021

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Senior Year College Planning Timeline and Graduation Information

(downloadable version at top of page)


Focus on studies! Colleges may request senior year semester grades and will receive final transcript.

Activities - Add activities, service, and awards to your resume - Update it!

  • Get involved in school activities; complete volunteer work- Very important for Scholarships that come about mostly in January and after.
  • Give to Mrs. Shinkle – Upload into your Career Google Classroom or drop off. It is needed to write a Letter of recommendation for you if you desire one!

REMIND APP:  Make sure you are signed up for the REMIND To: 81010   Message: @grade2020

  • CCP Student? Make sure you are on the CCP remind: To: 81010   Message: @ashink
  • We recommend parents to sign up for REMIND as well.

Google Classroom - Check your Career Character Ed Google Classroom once a week! YES, we are still using this! Assignment #27) Upload your ResumeNo it will not be graded, but it allows me to have that information for Letter of Recommendation.

  • Important announcements about College Open Houses, Job Shadowing Opportunities, Employment opportunities, Military Information etc.
  • Your parents can be added to this Google classroom as well! Invite them.

Conference - Attend Individual Senior Conference with academic counselor (held during 1st Semester).  You will be notified personally to attend typically out of Study Hall. We will double check requirements met/honors diploma/etc.  

Complete college applications (online):  When applying to colleges make sure you pay attention to deadlines. Student responsible for completing all sections/supplemental of application and knowing important deadlines regarding early decision, early action, regular admissions

  • Early Action- (Automatic/Academic Merit-Based) Nov. 1 or Dec.1 are a typical deadline
  • Early Decision - 100% commitment; Nov. 1 or Dec.1 are a typical deadline
  • Rolling Admission –Deadline to apply usually May1.     

Once you have completed the Online Application (that is NOT tied to the Common App) ...Turn in Request for Transcript to academic counselor.

  • HOW? Go to HS Office ask for the College Transcript Clip Board. 
    •    Fill it out:  Your Name/College/Sign

If you use the Common Application on the web https://www.commonapp.org/ , you DO NOT need to Request a Transcript on the Clip Board – Counselor will get a personal email from Common App asking for the transcript.  Use this Information to fill out the guidance counselor information section: Abby Shinkle,  Counselorashinkle@wayne-local.com

Senior English classes will go over Common App information as well as college essays. If you are only applying to 1 or 2 colleges, the Common App may not be for you.

  • Your ACT scores need to be sent directly to your college of choice and NCAA from ACT.org
  • Your AP scores need to be sent directly to your college of choice from collegeboard.org
  • Your college credit from CCP need to be sent directly to your college of choice from the college you earned credit from – Go to their website and “request transcripts”.

Scholarships - Research/apply for available scholarships through college/university- Typically Dec 1 deadline for automatic/merit-based and/or other special scholarships.

Look at WHS Website for Local Scholarship Updates –Posted under College Information Scholarships 

  • Helpful Hint – Make a general spreadsheet of all the Scholarships posted and write them down with the deadline or ad them to your calendar!
  • Helpful Hint – Gather your information now – Such as resume, community service, leadership roles. All of this will be important to add to your scholarship essays so begin to organize that information now.
  • Helpful Hint – Make sure you are signed up for the WHS Scholarship Remind for Scholarship postings.  To: 81010   Message: @msjoe13

There is a Scholarship Clip Board in the HS Office as well. Please sign your name and date when you turn in your Scholarships that go to WHS. 

Look for “Other” Scholarships outside of the WHS area: example:  Taco Bell, 4-H, Companies your parents may be involved with, etc. May be worth to check the out!

ACT and/or SAT -  May choose to re-take ACT and/or SAT, Higher scores mean scholarships or getting into the college you desire.   WHS offers a   2-Day “Free” ACT Test Prep at WHS   Breakfast Provided!  Occurs in the Fall each year.

Complete FAFSA - (free application for student aid)– check deadline for college

                Parents:  Attend Financial Aid Meeting at WHS in fall
                FAFSA – Opens OCT 1st – $ runs out – Complete this early!

College Visits - WHS allows students a max of 3 days per school year to visit a college/university. There is a form in the office. Please fill out and return at least 1 day prior to the visit.

Make Your Final College Selection - Determine college/university you want to attend typically by January. This is necessary to not be late on housing/fees etc. The very last date to typically commit is May 1, but this is not advised.

Official Transcripts - Guidance office automatically sends final transcript to college/university once grades are official (June). At the end of the year we will pass out FINAL PLANS FORM. Here you will write down your final decision for college, employment, or other decisions.

Senior meetings Held in April about Graduation Ceremony information. All graduation practice dates, the actual ceremony, and cap and gown information will be posted to the WHS website under Senior Information.  You may consider reviewing for a reference point on timeline.  Please note:  Dates do change yearly and updated around February/March of each year.  



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Honor Your Graduation with Commencement Portraits

Graduation photography by Lifetouch Special Events


  • Everyone will be photographed
  • Photos will be online at events.lifetouch.com ten days after the ceremony
  • Complimentary proofs mailed to Graduates
  • No obligation to purchase

“ Lifetouch, our official commencement photographer, will have portraits available online at Events.Lifetouch.com approximately ten days after the ceremony. Celebrate your achievement with these professional portraits.”


Commencement Flyer



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Contact:  Kristen Elton, Yearbook Advisor  kelton@wayne-local.com

Senior Ad Information: 

We are offering ad space for you to place a senior ad to celebrate your 2021 graduate! We love for these to be as custom as you would like them to be. You can create your own ad or we will create the ad for you in our class. 
Here's what we need for the ad and everything can be emailed to Kristen Elton
  1. Pictures - as many as you want! Bring on the baby pictures. You can also send in photos to be scanned & returned.
  2. Message - a message that you would like for your senior to read once they receive their book


Ad Sizing Options:
Full Page $50
Half Page $25
Quarter Page $20
Business Card Size $10
Ad orders must be placed in the high school office with a cash or check to WHS Yearbook. Senior ad orders are due by May 7th.


Yearbook Order Deadline was November 16th, 2020



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  1. In order to be included on the 2019 senior composite, you must be photographed by Prestige Portraits, located in Kettering.
  2. To schedule an appointment, call 937.299.3723 -or- online 24/7 at local.prestigeportraits.com. Prestige has great deals on full photo sessions also. Prestige brochures are available in the high school office and information on the studio's website.
  3. There will be an opportunity to have a head and shoulder portrait taken at the high school on the November 7th.   There is a $10 fee for this service (payable to Prestige) if you choose to wait until this day.
  4. Video Services are available.  Click the link to be redirected to the video with details.  About Prestige Video Services

Thank you,

Jeff McConnell
Your school's Prestige/Lifetouch partner 
Prestige Portraits (Lifetouch Senior Studio)



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SENIOR ORDER DEADLINE:  December 7, 2020

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR “Early Bird Pricing” AND VISIT OUR WEBSITE:  www.graduateserviceinc.com

Orders received after December 7th, 2020, will be subject to a minimum of $20.00 in expedited shipping & handling fees and select products subject to availability.  

March 30th, 2021 - Graduate Services Inc will be in the High School Lobby at 10:00am to deliver Cap and Gowns.  Any cap and gown packages not picked up will be held in the office until the student and or parent can pick them up.


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Almost all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service. It's important to know that even though he is registered, a man will not automatically be inducted into the military. In a crisis requiring a draft, men would be called in sequence determined by random lottery number and year of birth. Then, they would be examined for mental, physical and moral fitness by the military before being deferred or exempted from military service or inducted into the Armed Forces.  Failure to register may make a student ineligible for Federal and/or State student loan and grant programs, including Pell Grants, Federal Work Study, and Stafford Loans. For more information, follow the link below. 

Selective Service Information