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Waynesville High School

Teacher Websites

Art Department
Kristen Gebhardt -
Bethany Lamb - 
Carlee Bolin -

English Department
Angee Polzinetti -
Clay Cleaver - 
Linda Ann Applegate -
Jon Stubbs -

Foreign Language Department
Maria Syvertsen -
Elizabeth Pardon
Karen Horvath - 

Spanish II  @hablo2
Spanish III @hablo3
Spanish IV and V  @hablo4y5
Foreign Language Clubb  @whsforlang

Guidance Department
Cathy Joefreda -

Health and PE
Ryan Hill -
Chip King, Mike Arlinghaus - 

Intervention/Supportive Peers
Jared Cantu -
Shelly Kindred -

Math Department -
Teresa Johnson -
Jeni Montgomery -
Jason Hale -

Music/Fine Arts Department
Leslie Schleman - Band -

Science Department
Patrick Hardin -
Lauren Clark -
Douglas Vixie -
Jill Curlis -

Social Studies Department
Dan Stupp -
Scott Jordan -
Jamie Philpot -