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Manufacturing Day at Alfons Haar, Inc.

Posted on: October 10, 2018


The WHS Transition & Career Search 9th grade classes and the Career & College Readiness 11th grade classes visited Alfons Haar, Inc. in Springboro, Ohio on October 5th to learn about career opportunities in the manufacturing field. 

Manufacturing Day is an annual event hosted as a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of the many opportunities within the field from the ground floor up. Machinists, managers, engineers, computer assemblers, material analyst and many more career opportunities. Alfons Haar was excited to host WHS students on Manufacturing Day to promote career exploration and all the different areas of opportunities. The students gained valuable information about how so many different career fields are needed to make one manufacturing company run efficiently. Sinclair Community College Internship Coordinator joined in to educate our students about co-ops and internships available, as well as Short Term Certificates, Associates, as well as moving on to earn a Bachelor’s degree with the possibility of their education being paid for by companies. #Engineer Technical, Mechanical Engineer, Computer Aided Manufacturing/Precision Machining / CNC Technology and Computer Information /Network Engineering Careers. 

Alfons Haar Inc. was established in Ohio to provide tooling development and assembly for all Alfons Haar equipment sold worldwide as well as sales and technical service/spare parts support to the Americas.  Over time, the company has expanded to include technical service and spare parts support to Australia and New Zealand.  The latest development from Alfons Haar Inc. being offered to customers worldwide is a line of high speed easy open end machines for food and beer/beverage applications.  http://alfons-haar.us/

Thank You to all the employees at Alfons Haar, Inc. for allowing us to visit your facility!


Abby J. Shinkle
Academic Planning
Waynesville High School

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