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Thank you for Another Successful Community Blood Drive

Posted on: September 15, 2017
blood drive donation

We're super proud of our students of Waynesville High school who gave selflessly of themselves this week for our semi-annual blood drive.  These students look forward to the event, taking time out of their already busy days to donate blood.

Blood cannot be manufactured EVER, and this is the ONLY way for blood banks to replenish their supplies, which are used at area hospitals, as well as for major disasters such as the devastating Hurricane Harvey.  We had a full schedule of staff and students who gave blood this week, and they should feel very proud of themselves.  

Below are the highlights!

·         47 people registered to donate

·         40 people were able to donate

·         108% of blood drive goal

·         21 First Time Donors

·         Overall, your lifesaving event saved over 120 lives!

Check out this photo taken by Junior Andrew Van Dyke, who posted to his social media account.  We're glad you captured such as awesome picture.


community blood center logo

High School Student Council is hosting the Community Blood Center for our first of the year blood drives on September 13th.  

When you donate blood or blood components, you are sharing a precious gift that has the power to help save the life of a hospital patient.  Blood cannot be manufactured.  it can only be given by generous, caring donors like you.  Community Blood Center is committed to making your donation a comfortable, convenient and positive experience.  

Students must be 16 years or older to donate.  Please complete the attached consent forms and return no later than Sept. 11th to the high school office or to Mrs. Miller in the Media Center. All donors must have a photo ID card with name and date of birth.  This information may be obtained in the high school office if ID is not available.  Students who give are eligible for CBC scholarships, and those that give 3 or more times during their high school years will be honored to wear the Red Cord at graduation, signifying their selflessness.  

Blood Drive Fall forms 2017