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About Us

About Our District

All students will be provided the highest possible quality education in a safe, nurturing, and caring environment, where staff will demonstrate a deep and abiding respect for everyone. We will display a passion for excellence in all we do. 


  1. We will provide a meaningful, rigorous, and adaptive curriculum for each student, including: intellectual skills in written and spoken communication, mathematics, science, technology, social studies, problem-solving, and the tools for application of knowledge.
  2. We will provide skills and appreciation for the fine arts, physical activities, languages, and leisure time activities for each student.
  3. We will provide the example, leadership, information, and training to help each student function in an honest, moral, and ethical manner in their family, community, and society.
  4. We will provide a highly trained, knowledgeable, caring teacher in every classroom whose mission is to teach each student and to maintain an environment that will enable each student to learn, grow, feel worthy, and become successful.
  5. We will provide a highly trained, sensitive , and motivated staff that will support and foster the mission and vision.
  6. We will teach and demonstrate a respect and appreciation for diversity of culture.
  7. We will provide a safe, clean, and attractive environment where learning is an enjoyable, desirable, and eagerly pursued activity.
  8. We will involve parents and members of the community in their active role as stakeholders in the school district.
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