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Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

jim adams

2014 Graduate John "Jim" Adams

Posted:  12/1/2023

Jim currently work for a sales and marketing company called 2020 Companies and has supported a multitude of clients in his tenure. However, Dell & Alienware have been his main client since starting with 2020 Companies just over 2 years ago as a field sales manager. He has climbed the ladder and now holds the title of National Onboarding and Sales Training Specialist focusing on recruiting and training development of over 115 sales markets nationwide, where he also stays on the lookout for the next generation of top talent!
Jim pulls so much inspiration from his high school story where he attended PSEO Sinclair classes during his senior year and graduated as Salutatorian of his senior class. When he thinks back to the size of his graduating class of 105, he recognizes the smallness of our school and attributes much of his success to having to stretch and really hone in on skills when competing against larger schools. This pushed him to be great in his field because he had to stand out in a crowd of 3000!
Jim says, "It doesn't matter if you come from a small school with a 10-person classroom or 300-person classroom, it's what you do with your skills and time that define you! I am so happy to showcase that even those from smaller school districts can do something great."
My advice: I absolutely hated my first job out of College. It made me want to quit everything. If you find yourself in the same spot, then move on!! Don't keep doing something you don't enjoy, because if you keep looking, you're likely to find that magic spot where you are valued. There are infinite possibilities of how you can be successful today. I truly want to wake up and go to my job now, which is something I never thought I'd say about myself.
Congratulations 2014 alumnus John “Jim” Adams as he wins a huge award in his field and gives back to his alma mater by contributing a $5,000 cash reward for the technology, eSports program, and computer lab, totaling a value of $17,000. 
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