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Mental Health Services

Scrabble pieces spelling out "Mental Health"


I just wanted you to know if you are interested in having your child/your child wants to participate in our Mental Health Support groups this semester sign up is now available! Please turn the attached form to me by February 1st.

Please discuss this option with your child and have them sign the attached form as well.  

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Lois Isaacs
Guidance Counsleor, Waynesville High and Junior High School
513-897-2776, Ext. 4005


Waynesville schools offer a variety of mental health support to students.  Our guidance counselors offer assistance with academic and social-emotional issues. The counselors can also refer students to other resources within the school district and the community.  Our district contracts with outside agencies who work in our buildings to regularly offer discreet counseling/therapy within the school day. 

Access Counseling Services and Warren County ESC are two organizations that help students cope with mental health challenges, family dynamics, and societal pressures. If you suspect your child is in need of these services, please contact their guidance counselor.

Anyone in need of anxiety relief, calming, or refocusing might want to try this virtual collection of mental health exercises:

Jr. High and High School Virtual MindPeace Room™ – MindPeace (

These exercises are popular with young people and can be used almost anywhere to provide relief of daily stressors–no yoga moves, exercise, or talking required!

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