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Finance and Personal Responsibility Class

Posted on: September 10, 2020
image of a classroom of students

Wayneville High School has established a new class for high school students that will teach them the life skills of finance and personal responsibility.  

The class is taught by Ron James, Treasurer for Wayne Local Schools.  Just sitting in on the class for a few minutes, it was obvious that Mr. James had the students captivated and engaged with the topic of the day.  

Overall, the class will touch on real life topics such as credit score, the power of a paycheck, taxes, money management, investing, borrowing, financial services, and insurances.  Each topic can be quite expansive and invaluable for our young adult students to learn. 

We are very lucky that our knowledgeable treasurer is willing to volunteer his time to serve the students in such a way, and teach them the skills that will be necessary for a lifetime.