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Our Small Community Enters the TOP 10

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Our Small Community Enters the TOP 10

Jun 13, 2017
at 11:00 am
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In a recent article published by Cincy Magazine, for the first time in history, Waynesville is rated among the top 10 suburban communities citing our "low crime and good schools."  Specifically, Wayne Township and Waynesville were named as Number 6 and 7 on that list of "Top 50 Burbs."  

In the article, it is noted that Waynesville is "older than the state of Ohio", "founded in 1797 by Samuel Heighway."  Also, the article mentions our small town claims to fame, "Antiques Capital of the Midwest" and home of the Sauerkraut Festival.

Check out the article at Cincy Magazine "Rating the Burbs."

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