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The Princess Ball 2018 was a HUGE Success!

Posted on: February 27, 2018
students all dressed up

Posted:  2-27-2018

Princess Ball 2018 (aka: Father-Daughter Dance) was a HUGE success!!!


This is the biggest fundraiser for After Prom, and it takes huge commitment from many to pull it off well.  A special thank you to the WHS students for their help, as many high school students worked with us for several hours (prep, during, and post dance).  This group of kids (most were NHS) did a PHENOMENAL job.....they truly blew any expectations out of the water!!  They manned the welcome & raffle tables and activity centers.  They were the DJ’s.  They danced and interacted with the little girls, and the little princesses LOVED it!!!  Some of the high school girls even dressed as princesses themselves - a huge hit!  

A huge thank you to all involved.....way to make a community PROUD!  


makeovers with little girls
hairdo makeovers

Posted:  2-9-2018 

It's Makeover Time for the Father-Daughter Dance !!

Email Kelley Purkey for appointments.
All proceeds support the 2018 Prom!

pink sparkly image promoting a makeover event
pink sparkly image promoting a makeover even