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Third Grade Students are Published Authors & Illustrators

Posted on: May 21, 2019
two people holding colorful drawings

Waynesville Elementary third grade students are now PUBLISHED authors and illustrators. In April, the students had the opportunity to write and illustrate a Biopoem about their life.  We taught the students all about the writing and publishing process including the importance of multiple edits. We submitted their work to a publishing company called Studentreasures. They published their work into a book of outstanding and well thought out poems. Students were invited to purchase their book as a keepsake and many of them did!  If you are interested in purchasing your student’s published work please email your child’s reading teacher. We are so very proud of the effort the students put into this project.  The books turned out great and the students were very excited to see their work in a published book.


Third Grade ELA - Mrs. Berardinis and Mrs. Pendergraff