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Waynesville Elementary School March 30, 2020 Newsletter Quarter

Posted on: March 30, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

As we all go through this challenging time, please know all of your Waynesville Elementary School Staff is here for you and your family. This is a situation that none of us have ever experienced, and we will all get through this together! Please be patient with us as we navigate bringing your child’s classroom into your home. I can not stress the importance of keeping your children learning. We need to work together to keep them engaged and focused in all avenues of learning.  This gives you the opportunity to teach your child skills outside of the classroom such as cooking, gardening, etc.  I will be using the Elementary page on the District’s website to post information. We are missing our students and thinking of all our families during this difficult time. Please stay healthy and safe.                         

Thinking of all of you,  

Mrs. Poole

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