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Worth Sharing....

Posted on: February 28, 2019
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At the girls tournament game this past Monday, many of our parent fans and supportive community fans traveled to Covington to watch not only the girls game at 8:30, but also the closely matched game beforehand.  This earlier game turned out to be completely sold out and at maximum capacity.  Unfortunately, there was not enough room to accommodate Spartan Fans who had traveled a fairly good distance to watch both games.  Covington found a solution and placed our fans in their community space where the everyone could watch the game on a big screen tv.

It was then that the Covington Superintendent approached our Superintendent Pat Dubbs with an expression of appreciation for our fans and their sportsmanship that they showed with the the alternative accommodations.  

Thank you to from the Spartan Family for showing such sportsmanship and enthusiastic support of our students.  We appreciate you!!