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Ceremonial Beam Setting

Posted on: January 28, 2022

Official Beam Hanging and Release

It's impossible not to notice that Wayne Local School District has ongoing construction as we've moved into Phase III of the construction plan.  Phase III is the construction of the Performing Arts Center and will have many elements of historical value into this multi-purpose, multi-function building.  

This week, alongside a team from Brumbaugh Construction Inc., a ceremonial steel beam was signed by board members, staff members, and Brumbaugh Construction team.  We were lucky to capture some footage as the beam was hoisted and placed in it's final resting destination.  Currently, the beam is still very identifiable by the flag that is attached along the topside, although it is unclear as to how long it will remain during construction.

beam setting


beam setting

The Beam Signatures where they will be forever hanging in the auditorium.

An Up-close Look at the Signatures

Progression Video 1

Below are several segments of video capturing the beam hoisting from ground to final resting spot.  

Progression Video 2

Progression Video 3

Progression Video 4

brumbaugh construction