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Identifying Internet Providers and Getting Connected

Posted on: November 16, 2020
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The following internet providers are offering free or reduced-priced services during the coronavirus pandemic crisis. This list was identified in partnership with InnovateOhio and Ohio Broadband Strategy. 

  • Charter Communication, which operates under the brand Spectrum, is offering free internet and broadband, including in-home Wi-Fi, to new subscriber households with K-12 and/or college students, as well as teachers, for 60 days. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395. 
    • Free Spectrum Assist Service, with speeds of 30 mbps, is available for low-income families who are not already enrolled in the program. To be eligible, households must be recipients of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of NSLP or receive supplemental security income (for applicants ages 65+ only). 
    • Free Spectrum Internet is available for any households with K-12 and/or college students or teachers who do not already have Spectrum Internet subscriptions.  
    • Free self-installation kits will be provided for new subscriber households.  
    • Spectrum will partner with school districts to ensure local communities are aware of these tools to help students learn remotely.  
    • No data caps and no hidden fees. 
  • AT&T is offering internet access for qualifying limited-income households at $10 a month through its Access from AT&T program. It is expanding eligibility to Access from AT&T to households participating in the National School Lunch Program and Head Start; providing two months of free service to new Access from AT&T subscribers; and providing free access to and unlimited usage of Caribou, a video calling application. 
  • Comcast is making all Xfinity Wi-Fi Public Hotspots open to everyone on the “xfinitywifi” service set identifier. Public hotspots can be found in small/medium businesses and outdoors in commercial areas. Non-Xfinity subscribers need to accept the terms and conditions to access the network and repeat when requested to continue to receive free unlimited access. To find the hotspot in your area, enter your zip code at the following link:

Not sure which internet providers are available in your area? Visit and type in your zip code to see which providers service your area.
The following companies have taken the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) pledge indicating they will not terminate service for failure to pay, will waive late fees and will open wi-fi hotspots to people who need them: 



Cable One 


Spectrum: Charter Communications 

Cincinnati Bell 



Consolidated Communications 

Cox Communications 


Little Miami 



Ohio Rural Broadband Association 

Ohio Telecom Association 



TracFone Wireless 

US Cellular 

Van Lue 





Using Instructional Resources to Enhance Remote Learning 
To support educators, parents and caregivers, following is a prioritized listing of quality instructional resources that may be used to supplement, as needed, remote learning plans. The resources have been identified because they: 
Align to the major components of Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s five-year strategic plan for education, including its four equal learning domains.  

  • ​Are consistent with Ohio’s Learning Standards. 
  • Have the potential to be implemented in remote learning environments. 
  • Include multiple options for content and grade-level instruction. 
  • Are free or offered at reduced costs during the pandemic. 
  • Can be applied to individualized education programs. 

The remote learning resources are organized by content area. We first include links to Ohio’s Learning Standards and Model Curriculum and other instructional resources developed by the Ohio Department of Education. Following those links are the top four to six content-specific resources that align to the criteria above. We start by identifying resources for educators. Supplemental resources for parents and caregivers follow. Targeted grade bands are identified where possible.  
The Ohio Department of Education recognizes the challenges educators, parents and caregivers are facing as a result of this public health crisis, and we stand ready to help. Please feel free to contact the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies if you have any questions or concerns by phone at (614) 466-0223 or by email to