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Waynesville High School Partnership with the Warren County United Way Workforce Development

Posted on: October 23, 2018
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The United Way of Warren County is partnering with Warren County companies and public schools to create opportunities for soon to be and recent high school or college graduates. These opportunities include connections to good paying jobs, information about various career opportunities, and access to low or no cost training and education options.
The United Way Workforce Development Initiatives (WDI) have been working with WHS school staff and participating companies throughout Warren County to create interest and opportunity. Students that get involved are guaranteed not only a WHS Diploma but also acceptance.  Every student “acceptance” means accepted into some combination of a traditional two or four-year college or university; a high paying, high demand job, the United States Uniformed Services; or an adult education program or apprenticeship. The idea is for every student to commit to a pathway(s) that lead to the “acceptance” combinations.
United Way of Warren County’s Workforce Development Initiative have created multiple strategies to work with companies and students to identify training opportunities. For example, a student who participates in WDI and perhaps gets hired at one of the partnering companies may be able to have the opportunity for that specific company to absorb the tuition bill to earn a certification at Sinclair. This, in turn, would help them obtain a higher paying position at the company. WDI will serve as a “broker” for opportunities. To begin the process, WDI have been working with Sinclair to define this future relationship. In the meantime, Sinclair has offered to help by hosting tours of their Mason Campus so that students are aware of and comfortable with that campus. Additionally, Sinclair has offered to provide résumé building workshops so students can improve their “job application” toolbox.
Warren County company feedback has been very positive. Companies love engaging with the schools to share real opportunities and how their work applies to what the kids are learning. WHS has provided, and will continue to provide this year, many opportunities to expose students to these companies through career field trips, guest speakers, and career fairs. The next step is to work individually with WHS students expressing an interest in any of these companies to build a pathway for potential employment.  If you have a son or daughter that is currently a junior or senior at WHS that perhaps at this time is undecided about ‘after’ graduation plans and would like to learn more about this program, e-mail ashinkle@wayne-local.com for more information.  Click here for power point presentation with more information.