Athletics News


Posted on: May 6, 2016

Waynesville High School and Middle School will be evacuated at this time as there has been a threat. Law officials have been notified and are on the scene and the situation is under control. Students will report to the following locations and report to your homeroom teacher upon arrival: Grades 6-12 Go to the Baptist Church.

Waynesville elementary students who are transported by bus will be taken to Quaker Heights this morning due to a current  threat to one of our school buildings.  Walkers will be escorted to Quaker Heights as well.  Car riders will be directed to return home until further notice.  Students will be kept safe on busses or in the community room at Quaker Heights.  Please wait for further notification regarding possible pick up.  We will update with additional details as soon as possible. Please do not come to the school or evacuation location at this time.