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Annual 6th Grade Auction

Posted on: May 5, 2022

6th Grade Parents/Guardians & Community Members -

As we head to the end of our school year, we are beginning to plan our annual sixth grade auction. This is such a great event for our kids and the culmination of our incentive program. We try to make this event as exciting as possible for the students. Not only to have some fun, but also to reward them for their hard work all year long! We are always looking for donations towards the auction and are not picky at all about the items we receive. If you are interested in donating any items, we would be eager to take them off your hands. I am including a list of some of the items the kids love to bid on, so if you have any of these treasures at home or would like to purchase for us, it would be greatly appreciated.

2 liters of pop
Bags of chips or popcorn
Stuffed animals (can be gently used)
Gift cards Candy (all kinds and sizes)
Games or gently used puzzles
Drink cups
Colored pencils and markers

Remember what is junk to one person is someone else’s treasure! Please send any of your donations to the elementary school, room 219.

Thank you!
The 6th Grade Team