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Elementary Students Learn about Busy Bees

Posted on: April 21, 2021
bee keeper

Busy Bees

On Wednesday first graders got to experience bee keeping first hand. Thanks to our very own Mrs. Shaffer for sharing what it is like being a bee keeper. Mrs. Shaffer has been keeping bees for over ten years and shared some great insight with first graders. The students learned that bees are a very important creature in our world and that their honey is super sweet! As teachers we taught about insects they discussed the jobs bugs have in the world. One goal was to teach students not to be afraid of the crawly creatures. Mrs. Shaffer shared how she takes care of her bees, how she collects bees, and how she carefully harvests their honey. Students were able to see bee cells up close too! Thanks Mrs. Shaffer for a great lesson on honey bees!