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Fire Lanes Need to Stay Open

Posted on: March 10, 2020
no parking lanes

There has been in an increasing concern regarding our fire lanes and usage of them for parking/idling, dropping off students, or picking them up. 

A specific area of concern is in front of the Middle School, especially during Elementary School drop-off/pick-up times.  These lanes are clearly marked with yellow hashes designating no-parking zones.  The majority of infractions do occur during these drop-off/pick-up times, but the no-parking zones should be avoided at all times. 

We ask that you help assist our efforts to maintain a clear lane for emergency use only by authorized vehicles and support teams by not using them.


Per:  The Federal Way Revised Code through Ordinance 19-882, passed December 3, 2019.

8.55.060 Obstruction prohibited.  The obstruction of a designated fire lane by a parked vehicle or any other object is prohibited and shall constitute a traffic and fire hazard as defined in state law and the Uniform Fire Code and be an immediate hazard to life and property.