District News


Posted on: August 25, 2016

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell visited Waynesville Middle School to address our student body.  Previously he has spoken to our 18 year old students (Seniors).  This presentation was designed for middle school aged students; age 13 is when the law begins to differentiate severity and consequences for poor decisions.  The consequences can potentially follow the individual for the remainder of their life.  Students need to make good decisions when interacting with peers and adults; additionally social media behavior was brought to light.  There are serious consequences when students make threats directed at the school, staff or peers.  In today’s world you cannot even joke about a threat.  Prosecutor Fornshell advised students to be very careful on chat sites; many people give false information about their true identity and age.  Never send or share inappropriate pictures; the transmission of such pictures is very serious anytime a minor is involved.  Our students were attentive and heard very valuable information.  Chief Copeland from the Village of Waynesville was also in attendance.  We appreciate the support we receive from law enforcement and legal officials in Warren County.Click Here For Pictures