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Waynesville Students are Amazing!

Posted on: February 24, 2020
arm donating blood

Today, marked Waynesville High School's semi-annual Blood Drive, and our students are amazing!  We have had yet another successful drive with a full schedule consisting mostly of students, but also a few teacher (Ryan Hill and Clay Cleaver), our high school principal Dr. Sam Ison, and even a few parents for the event. 

We have so many reasons to be proud of these students for giving selflessly in such a way.   

The Student Council volunteers were amazing as they worked to organize the event, set up the donation space, keep the event running smoothly and serve up the sloppy joes!  



  • 49 people registered to give blood!
  • 39 were successful! (36 was the goal)
  • 108% percent of goal!
  • 22 First Time Donors!  WOW!
  • Over 117 lives will be positively impacted as a result of total donations!


Great job everyone!!  Waynesville Proud!
Kelly Miller, Student Council Advisor



aerial shot of blood donation stations
thumbs up from a blood donor
blood donors giving thumbs up
four girls at a table
group of people at a table
two girls wearing matching shirts
three boys at a table
red tear drop and words




  • Required:  Parent consent for 16-year old students, bring your permission slip, if you haven't already turned it in
  • Start Hydrating Now and continue all weekend
  • Eat a well-balanced breakfast that includes protein(a scoop of peanut butter and a banana is not enough)
  • On Monday morning, please be sure to bring your ID or obtain a copy of your student identification from office
  • Wear a short sleeve t-shirt to school on blood drive day.

Thank you for saving lives!!