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WES Screening for Gifted Identification Grades 2-5

Posted on: January 28, 2021
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WES does whole grade screening for gifted identification in grades 2-5.  

Grades 2 through 5 take the IOWA.
The Iowa Achievement test assists us in determining at what level your child is performing based on national comparisons.  As an achievement test, Iowa assesses a student's relative knowledge at the time of assessment and compares that performance against peers across the nation (known as a norming group). Scores for the Iowa are generally noted as Percentile Ranks (NPR) and indicates how your student compared with students in the same grade who took the same assessment at a comparable time.


Grades 2, 3, and 5 also take the CogAT.  
Unlike the Iowa assessment, which is achievement based, the CogAT is a school ability test. The Standard Age Score (SAS) is an age-based, normalized standard score with a mean (average) of 100. The student's SAS score is derived from the Verbal, Quantitative, Nonverbal, and Total scores. Like the Iowa, percentile ranks are also reported to indicate how your child performed in relation to grade-level and like-age peers who were assessed on the same measure at a comparable time.



The following testing schedule will be used for IOWA/CogAT testing for our in person learners.  Please try to avoid scheduling appointments on testing days.

  • Grade 2:  Monday and Tuesday, February 8-9
  • Grade 3:  Monday and Tuesday, February 22-23
  • Grade 4:  Thursday and Friday, February 25-26
  • Grade 5:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, February 16-18



The following testing schedule will be used for IOWA/CogAT testing for our VLA learners. 

  • Grade 2:  Friday, February 12 8:30-4:00
  • Grade 3:  Wednesday, February 24, 8:30-4:00 
  • Grade 4:  Thursday, February 11, 8:30-4:00 
  • Grade 5:  Friday, February 19, 8:30-4:00


Please complete the Google form at the following link no later than Thursday, February 4 so I can plan for your student:  https://forms.gle/aCGEQMJposdarstH7

If you have any questions, please email me at cbees@wayne-local.com.

Mrs. Bees
Waynesville Elementary School Counselor