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Showing Entries for 2019 - March

brick wall of a new building

While we were on Spring Break, construction continued and this week we saw a new group enter the scene...the masons.  Their expert masonry work has given a different look to the new structure as brick...

girls basketball team

Update:  3/28/2019Waynesville Girls Basketball Banquet Open to Community   Coach Gabbard opened up the requests to attend the banquet after several suggestions in their State Runner Up season!  Banque...

Due to the severe nature of the weather, we are holding the spirit buses for a short time to allow the storm to pass

 roof beams

The Bus Barn Gets Roof Beams

MAR 13, 2019
at12:00 am

This week on the construction site of the new bus barn, we've seen the addition of roof beams with the use of equipment lifts.   There's also been a fair amount of ground movement and things have gott...

Let's Line the Streets!!

MAR 13, 2019
at12:00 am

The Lady Spartans are off to Columbus in true Waynesville style!! 

The spirit was amazing surrounding the Community Send-Off, as family, friends, staff members, and members of the community showed th...

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