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Congratulations to Joey Parada -US Equestrian Federation Athlete Lettering Program

Posted on: September 21, 2018

WHS would like to congratulate and recognize Joey Parada for her outstanding accomplishments within the US Equestrian Federation Athlete Lettering Program. 

Joey Parada, a senior at WHS, has a passion for the equestrian life. She spent her entire summer training every day and showing almost every weekend against not only other high school athletes but college teams and adults.  Joey’s chosen sport, with her horse Titan, is EventingEventing is the Triathlon of the horse world.  It consists of Dressage, Stadium Jumping and Cross Country.  All three aspects require a different kind of training and riding, which is what makes the sport so challenging. Joey enjoys every moment of Eventing and loves taking on the challenges that come with it. She ended the summer not only placing in every Event she attended but also a better rider. Joey is more in tune with her beloved friend and teammate, Titan, than ever before.  Joey documented over 100 hours of training and provided verification of participation in three equestrian competitions all this summer. Her hard work and dedication in both training and showing in her chosen sport – Eventing has paid off as Joey has earned her certificate commemorating her achievements, a varsity letterman patch and lapel pin of participation.

The US Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program encompasses young equestrians involved in all breeds and disciplines from the grassroots to international competitions.  This sport requires tremendous training and preparation for competition. Equestrian athletes take the concept of teamwork to the highest level as they form a partnership with a horse; two independent beings working together and communicating with one another to achieve an overall goal. Again, Congratulations Joey Parada for your outstanding achievements this summer!  If anyone would like to acquire more information about US Equestrian or the US Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program please visit our website, www.usef.org

girl on a horse jumping over an obstacle