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Freshmen Booker Atkins Receives SSA Dennis Purduski Flight Training Scholarship

Posted on: May 15, 2018


Congratulations to Booker Atkins for being the recipient of the SSA Dennis Purduski Flight Training Scholarship. Booker is a Freshman at WHS and has always had a strong passion for flight. He continues to focus on his dreams and goals within the aviation career field.  Booker’s desires have led him to learn and become involved with US Junior Soaring which is part of the Soaring Society of America’s Youth Committee. Its purpose is to foster the development of pilots under 26 and offer them resources to earn new ratings and develop cross country experience while transitioning them to “soaring adulthood”.With a record-setting 37 applications, the Youth/Junior Scholarship Committee had a very difficult job to select this year’s recipients from a pool of excellent candidates. Congratulations Booker Atkins for being one of the three recipients to be awarded the 2017-18 SSA Dennis Purduski Flight Training Scholarship in the amount of $2000.00.

For more information on events, camps, and scholarships through  US Junior Soaring & the Soaring Society of America’s Youth Committee  checkout their website at:

Congratulations Booker Atkins!

Abby J. Shinkle
Academic Planning

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