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Girls Tennis Update

Posted on: September 12, 2022

Update: September 12th

In a Girls Tennis match at Waynesville, the host Spartans stomped the visiting Carlisle Indians 5-0.

First Singles: Emily Sauser (W) defeated Kirsten Battles © 6-0/6-1.

Second Singles: Kayla Smith (W) defeated Greta Moore © 6-1/6-0.

Third Singles: Megan Rieger(W) defeated Jada Beck © 6-0/6-0.

First Doubles: Carianne Everson and Lauren Rieger  (W) defeated Sierra Carpenter and Gabby Estep © 6-1/6-4.

Second Doubles: Abbie Butterbaugh and  Katie McKeehan defeated Jenna Sandlin and Lydia Pearson © 6-6   TB 7-5/7-5


In a girls tennis match at Waynesville, the hosts dealt  visiting Middletown Madison a stinging defeat by sweeping all three singles by wide margins then pulling out an unexpected victory at second doubles. The final score was  Waynesville 4-Madison 1.
First singles: Emily Sauser Waynesville  6-3/6-1 over Megan Phelps Madison.
Second singles: Kayla Smith Waynesville  6-1/6-2 over Carolina Higgs Madison.
Third singles: Megan Rieger Waynesville 6-0/6-0 over Emily Webb Madison.
First doubles: Riley Cockersham and Ella Campbell Madison 6-2/6-1 over Carianne Everson and Lauren Rieger Waynesville.
Second doubles: Abbie Butterbaugh and Katie McKeehanWaynesville 6-4/6-2 over Presley Higgs and Abby Phelps.
In a SWBL match, host Waynesville defeated visiting Monroe 5-0.
First singles: Emily Sauser W def. Delanie Reenan M 6-0/6-1.
Second singles: Megan Rieger W def. Tori Claprood M 6-0/6-0.
Third singles: Kayla Smith W won by forfeit.
First doubles: Carianne Everson and Lauren Rieger W def. Lexi Seger and Marin Depew M 6-1/6-0.
Second doubles: Abbie Butterbaugh and Katie McKeehan W def. Natalie Long and Meryl Phipps M 6-0/6-3.