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Strategic Gaming and Information Technology Club

Posted on: October 16, 2019

SGit Club will be meeting twice a month on alternating Tuesdays.  The next meeting for the Strategic Gaming & Information Technology Club (SGit) will be after-school on Tuesday, October 22nd. We will meet in Computer Lab 2 from 2:35 until around 4pm. 

Twitter:  @WHS_SGit
Remind:  @sgit2019

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Posted:  September 2019

What is it?

SGit is a new club, facilitated by IT Instructor Mr. Smith, that will meet in Computer Lab-2, starting on Tuesday October 8th. The focus of the club is to provide students with the opportunity to share their passion for gaming and technology, build a competitive team, earn scholarships, internships and co-ops. The scope of the club is two-fold, eSports & Information Technology.

Competitive Gaming (eSports)

Video Games are the fastest growing and most lucrative aspect of the modern entertainment industry. Some of the most popular games are multiplayer in nature, pitting teams of players against each other in a virtual competition of strategy, coordination, communication and collaboration. When utilized in organized competitions with static teams competing for a title or prize, the term eSports is used.

Information Technology Competitions

Competitions like Cincinnati’s annual TechOlympics give students the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of peers, colleges, and businesses; while working to solve real world problems. When attending events like this, you’ll spend multiple days competing with other schools in challenges ranging from programming to design to networking, with fun events like speed texting and more! You’ll also be able to get hands-on assistance with creating a professional resume and learning how to conduct yourself during a formal job interview. You’ll have direct access to Cincinnati’s best employers, many of whom will be looking for summer interns and future co-ops. If you have an interest in gaming, technology, broadcasting or marketing, The Strategic Gaming & Information Technology (SGit) may be the club for you!

SGit Mission & Goals

Mission : To create an open and safe environment where students will develop soft-skills, build relationships, as well as make connections between their passions and career opportunities.

How does SGit plan on accomplishing this?

Both eSports & Technology Competitions will give you the opportunity to:

  • Earn College Scholarships
  • Network with colleges, potential employers, and like-minded students
  • Build soft-skills: communication, leadership, discipline, teamwork, & perseverance
  • Build a portfolio of experience for your resume or college application

Club Goals:

  • Build Club Roster
  • Establish Meeting Calendar & Scope According to Student Desires
    • Host local events at WHS
    • Join a National High School eSports League such as HSEL or PlayVS
    • Compete with other schools at league events
    • Attend Cincinnati TechOlympics 2020 for eSports, IT Practical Competitions & Workshops
  • Build a portfolio of work for each member, detailing their experiences
  • Elevate and encourage each other to be the best
  • Persevere despite failures, to pave a road to success

WHS SGIT Mission & Goals