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Annual Build-It Challenge $100 Grand Prize !!

Posted on: March 9, 2018
doll house made of recycled material

Congratulations to our participants of the Build It Challenge. 

Some fantastic creations came from young creative minds!  

BUILD IT CHALLENGE WINNERS!!   Congratulations to all those who won !!
Thank you to all for their creations, cant wait to see what is created next year!!!

Here are the winners:

  • Best Craftsmanship- Hunter Hackett
  • Best Presentation- Annalise Larsen & Lena Kamp
  • Best Documentation- Ben Hines
  • Best Model Dream Home- Kyla Harvey & Maria Gill
  • People’s Choice Award- Aiden Larsen & Caleb Ingle
  • Best entry Grades K-2- Milo Moffitt & Xavier Moffitt
  • Best Entry Grades 3-5- Aiden Larsen & Caleb Ingle
  • Best Entry Grades 6-12- Ben Hines
  • Best Overall Entry- Griffin Terry & Ayden Boos

Thank you to all the students and parents who came out to the Build-It Challenge this week!

The grand prize winner was a team who created a cardboard tank costume that sits on the arm rests of a wheelchair using custom PVC pipe brackets.

two boys standing behind a table
cardboard and recycled material homemade creation
cardboard and recycled material homemade creation
three children standing behind a display
boy standing in front of a display
robot made of recycled material
boy standing in front of a cardboard display
boy inside a tank made of recycled material
dice made of cardboard
castle made of recycled material
boys standing in front of a recycled material photo booth
two girls behind a cardboard project
build it challenge colorful poster

 Annual Build-It Challenge $100 Grand Prize !!

The Annual Build-It Challenge will take place on Wednesday, March 7th.  Students of all ages will come together to share their creations made from cardboard and other recycled materials.  The event will take place in the Waynesville Middle School gym where students will play, compete, share ideas, win prizes, and have some fun!  

Sign up and find out more at www.builditchallenge.org.


Event details:

  • What: The Cardboard Challenge
  • Who: Wayne-Local Students, grades K-12
  • When: Wednesday, March 7, 2018
  • Where: Waynesville Middle School Gym
  • Price: Free

Link: www.builditchallenge.org