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Cold Weather is Here!!

Posted on: January 19, 2021
blue thermometer

Just a reminder that cold weather is here. Please make sure that your child or children are dressed appropriately for the cold weather.

Dress your child in layers:
1. Base layers (the layer right next to your child’s skin)

What it does: wicks moisture
Materials to look for: synthetic fabric such as polyester; wool is good but can be itchy The right fit: snug

2. Middle layers (goes over the base layer)

What it does: insulates materials to look for: wool, down, or fleece
The right fit: close to body without restraining movement

3. Outer layer (the outermost layer)

What it does: protects your child from rain, snow, and wind
Materials to look for: a waterproof jacket or shell; outerwear that’s also breathable (such as those made from Gore-Tex) are key if your child will be physically active
The right fit: allows easy movement and has plenty of room for layers

Your child’s head, face, ears, hands, and feet are most prone to cold exposure, so keep your eye on these extremities. Heavy, non-cotton socks, waterproof boots, waterproof gloves, a scarf, and a hat all are key to keeping everyone truly warm on cold days. For very cold weather, earmuffs and facemasks add extra protection.