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Community Connections Creating Opportunities

Posted on: November 19, 2018
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Forty-Two W.H.S. Students Engage in Employment, Internships, and Volunteerism as a Unique Capstone to their High School Careers!  

Throughout the first quarter, 42 seniors have taken “the path less traveled” when it comes to the traditional high school model.  In lieu of taking electives in addition to their core classes, these students have opted to spend a portion of their day earning a paycheck, interning in a potential career field, and/or providing volunteer service to organizations throughout the Waynesville Community.  The program is called Community Connection Opportunities (CCO) and affords seniors the flexibility to exchange one or two class periods for the opportunity to get a headstart on their futures.  
Currently, 21 students are employed at local and regional businesses and are required to submit their pay stubs every 2 weeks and maintain at least a “C” average in their courses.  15 students have been placed in internships/job shadowing in their anticipated professions. These professional placements include: Education (Instruction and Athletic Administration), Media and Communication, IT, Dental Hygiene, Theological Based Institutions, Wellness Transition, and Athletic Training.  Internship students are required to report their hours, construct two reflective narratives per quarter, and maintain at least a “C” average in their courses. Finally, 6 students have served the community throughout the quarter assisting with a number of important projects. Particularly, these students have assisted the Waynesville Chamber of Commerce, The Village of Waynesville, Waynesville High School, Waynesville Merchants Association, and local area churches.  These students are also required to submit an hourly log, write two reflections on their service each quarter, and maintain at least a “C” average in their coursework.
The CCO program has been created to help our students transition into life after high school by providing them with opportunities to garner resources, experiences, and connections that they may draw upon in the future.  Please tune in to future GNF postings of various CCO students’ reflections.
Jon Stubbs