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Congratulations to this Year's Festival Scholarship Winners

Posted on: October 24, 2019

Thank you for all community members, merchant/businesses, and sponsor contributions!! 

Without your contributions, these scholarships would not be possible.

Our 2019 Sauerkraut Festival Scholarships:
Nathan Eshler, David Muth, Ryan Papanek, Kailee Webb

This is the fifth year for our Founder’s Scholarship in honor of Sauerkraut Festival Founder Albert “Cap” Stubbs. This scholarship goes to:   Alexis Wynn

Finally, our annual Joe Coons Community Service Scholarship goes to:  Emery Siders

6 students holding plaques

L to R: R. Papanek, N. Eshler, K. Webb, E. Siders, A. Wynn, D. Muth